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FOF #2530 - This is IT - 09.20.17

FOF #2530 – This is IT

‘IT,’ the new movie based on the book by Stephen King is slashing box office records.

Today we’re joined by Brian Sweeney who says ‘IT’ perpetuates the harmful stereotype that clowns in storm drains are child-eating monsters and that he grew up with a lot of kids who talked to clowns in storm drains, and only three of them were ever eaten.

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FOF #2526 - Slurp it Up - 09.07.17

FOF #2526 – Slurp it Up

One of the greatest moments in drag is also the shittiest- in the movie Pink Flamingos, Divine bends over and eats poop that just plopped out her dog’s ass.

Today we’re joined by Chicago drag queen C’est Kevvie who in her recent music video for her song Food Horny, slurps up a sour grape Slurpee right off the dirty sidewalk. Atta girl!

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FOF #2525 - Fry Harder - 09.06.17

FOF #2525 – Fry Harder

We have a big announcement to make- today, we’re launching season 3 of Cooking with Drag Queens !

Joining us today is the very cunning linguist, Fox E Kim to help us come up with some she-larious sequel subtitles to the culinary web series – All T-Bone No Shade? Tucks and Rolls? Fry Harder?

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FOF #2382 - We Are All Stars Too - 08.29.16

FOF #2382 – We Are All Stars Too

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars is now back, and this time it’s doing everything that Drag Race does best: campy drama, wacky talent shows and wild drag queens untethered.

Today, we give you the run-down on the all new RuPauls’ Drag Race All Stars 2, the All Stars Cast Iconic Looks of VMAs and what to expect from the series.

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FOF #2245 - Call Me Empress - 11.05.15

FOF #2245 – Call Me Empress

The Imperial Court System is celebrating its fiftieth year raising funds through charity balls where members hang out in royal attire and bestow upon each other really long colorful royal titles.

Today, we’re joined by Diamond Deveraux, who used to be known as the drag step daughter of Teri Yaki, but like Cinderella, she left her evil stepmom in the dust and just got crowned Empress 12 of the Imperial Windy City Court of the Prairie State Empire.

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FOF #1944 - Drag Queen Hangover - 02.27.14

FOF #1944 – Drag Queen Hangover

Oh girl! We had such a fabulous time last night with all the gals from RuPaul’s Drag Race, we’re now nursing a drag queen hangover.

Joining us today is the hilarious Tommy Holl to give you the behind the scenes skinny on their premiere performance in Chicago, and fill you in on who will be a strong contender based on their touring show.

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FOF #1584 - Peaches Christ and Elvira's Fantastic Hunt - 05.15.12

FOF #1584 – Peaches Christ and Elvira’s Fantastic Hunt

Peaches Christ joins us to talk about her new project with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, the mainstreaming of horror films, and the star of her film All About Evil, Natasha Lyonne coming clean about her heroin addiction on the Rosie Show.

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Teen Robber Killed By Clown

Teen Robber Killed By Clown

An off-duty Chicago cop dressed up as a clown fatally shot a teen who tried to rob him. The teen demanded money at gunpoint from the clown and during a struggle the clown was able […]

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FOF #837 - Pinching Pennies - 09.10.08

FOF #837 – Pinching Pennies

Get ready to pinch your pennies. On today’s show we’ve got Jay Shaff- gay photographer and long term tightwad here to share with us his quick and easy tips on saving money and surviving the […]

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