FOF #837 – Pinching Pennies

Sep 10, 2008 · 1985 views

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Get ready to pinch your pennies. On today’s show we’ve got Jay Shaff- gay photographer and long term tightwad here to share with us his quick and easy tips on saving money and surviving the […]


  1. Great show and interesting topics but don’t blame the UK for the barrel size since the first commercial oil well was just outside Pittsburg in 1859 and there are 42 US gallons in a barrel which is 34 UK gallons.
    Don’t forget to turn off your tvs and dvd at the outlet and not to leave them on standby.

  2. I should have known that since I grew up not too far from Oil City, PA and where Drake’s Well was drilled

  3. valhum says:

    Damn guys, i was surprised when i heard how much you spend in utilities, 200 bucks, really ?!?!?!?! Damn that is cheap.
    Here where i live (Mexicali, Mexico) our electricity bill is 200dlls…A MONTH!!! since the temp goes really high (112F typ) we all have AC on all the time and that is the monthtly drama, at least in summer but then in winter it goes down to around 50dlls average.
    But not only that, add to all the rest. Electricity $200, Gas $45 (it lasts maybe 1 month or 6 wks depending on how much u use it), Phone bill which i pay $80 a month, water, well water is cheap like $6 a month, it adds to around $330 a month for the basics and many people earn that in 1 wk of work, so you know :oP

  4. That $200 was electricity only.

  5. valhum says:

    Oh ok, we are the same then :oP

  6. Geostud says:

    So after hearing Jay’s advice about ALDI, I decided to check out the one on Broadway on my way home…. Never again (so scary)! It’s ironic how on yesterday’s show you guys spoke about high fructose corn syrup and today ALDI. They seem to go hand-in-hand 😉 .

  7. Fishsauce says:

    Why is it “ghetto” to buy food from a cheaper outlet that many economically-challenged people have depended on for years before this current recession? And according to Mr. Shaff, since the store is ghetto, so is banking there as well.

    One must live and experience the ghetto to truly understand and appreciate what it means, and using the term as an interchangeable derogatory description for “tacky” or “cheap” is offensive. We can’t all have computers and multiple external hard drives connected to power strips. Some of us have to work at these ghetto establishments just to keep a roof over our heads.

  8. matt says:

    I dont think its ghetto, I think its smart. I go to my indie market for lettuce and stuff like that. I cant afford to pay 2.39 a pound for tomatoes, thats lucid in the summer time. I could understand paying that price in the winter.

    Also if you want low cost, but quality music try You can find stuff even by Eric Himan and others on there. 🙂

  9. Geostud says:

    I did not mean to put down anyone who bargain shops! I do a lot of my grocery shopping at Target. I was just commenting on the poor quality of food…most of which was junk. If you like off-brand cheetohs, sugary soda, and popsicles, more power to you. I just was hoping for a better selection of produce and healthy snacks.

  10. I so got turned off when he talked about the Republicans telling it like it is. Ugh.

  11. matt says:

    Not all of us can be clones. We are individuals warts and all. At least Jay and myself see through the bull crap of McCain.

  12. To subsidize gas may help in the short term but damage the economy and environment in the long term. It leads to a misallocation of resources. The USA never have subsidized gas but gas was always a way to cheap! A resource which is limited and its supply is not secure have to be expensive. Otherwise when the oil price goes up,you wake up one morning in your bad insulated huge house, several miles to the next store or city where you can only go with your fuel consuming monster like SUV and have to worry if you can afford to pay your gas,utility bill.

    One thing you may consider if you want to save money…don’t consume so much! The newest economic statistics from the USA are really scary. Per capita 7000 $ credit card dept, a saving rate of -0,5%, a dept ratio of private households of 123% of the national income. But 70% of the GDP in the USA is generated by consume!… I think a major recession in the USA followed by a world recession is almost unavoidable.

    I dont like ALDI either but it is good to buy some basic stuff. At least they dont pretend like Wal Markt to offer low prices but actually have them.

  13. Fishsauce says:

    Like many people, I’m also feeling the effects of our current economy on my pocketbook; I’ve been barely scraping by for the last year. But my issue isn’t bargain-shopping; it’s that he used the word “ghetto” more than once to describe what he thinks of going to certain grocery outlets or patronizing banks located in said stores. “Ghetto” is a term that gets tossed around way too often, and usually by people who have no idea what it means to live and survive in that environment. So before he makes those prejudiced judgments, perhaps he should try being a young person of color trying to safely get to school every day or a single mother working 3 jobs to take care of her children.

    As for the comments about women in power, I agree that a huge discrepancy exists on all levels of the government hierarchy. But sometimes we may have to temporarily sacrifice certain beliefs in order to further other ones. Mr. Shaff is so hung-up on his male feminism that he would cast his vote against the only group that would even CONSIDER fighting for any of his rights.

    Personally, I feel his comments reek of privilege and self-righteous bitterness.

  14. Dude, where do you live? Everyone in Chicago uses the word ghetto to describe things. Its part of the vernacular and won’t be going away anytime soon.

  15. Darnit Fishsauce, I signed in just to complain about this grown, supposedly intelligent man using the word “ghetto” as an adjective! That’s what I get for listening to shows a day late.

    Marc: Yes, among trashy, ignorant people

  16. Jay says:

    input your comment here…

  17. Fishsauce says:

    Marc: I agree that lots of people use it, but does that make it right? It’s like a white person using the “N” word or a hetero using “faggot”. Just because everyone uses it doesn’t mean that they are necessarily entitled to use it, especially when there are a plethora of alternative and more appropriate descriptions he could’ve chosen, such as “tacky”, “cheap” or “shabby”.

    I may no longer live in the “ghetto”, but I still have family and friends there that weren’t fortunate enough to have been given those opportunities. And as a person who puts on an air of knowing-it-all, Mr. Shaff’s choice of vocabulary seems to further demonstrate his white male privilege.

    Funsizedsnacks: Thank you for understanding my position.

  18. Well, Jay’s Jewish and the ghetto was built for his people so maybe he is entitled to use it.

    Personally, I think of it as innocuous, at least in these parts. Maybe where you are from it is a bad word and I’ll reconsider using it.

    I never really heard ghetto used like this until I moved here to Chicago in 1995 after living in Germany and worked with people from the ghetto. A guy who grew up at Cabrini Green, the place made famous by the tv show “Good Times” said “Whitney Houston, she so ghetto, girl.” I’ll remember it forever.

  19. Favorite quote: “Jesus is the ultimate trick stealing bitch” :-O

    I <3 Trader Joe’s. Each week I spend about $140 and get 5 huge bags of food. That’s kind of shocking that they’re owned by the huge german company. They’ve pushed the image of TJ’s as local Southern California town hero but it makes sense since they’ve been opening up all over the US. I know the reason their prices are so low is that they pay cash up front for everything.

  20. corey says:

    I like to keep my money in high-interest earning accounts. Those are what credit cards are…riiight? 😉

  21. Great show today. Funny you should mention Ronnie, because he is on this month’s cover of Instinct Magazine. I think he heard this show, because he gave a shout out to Jay on his myspace page to listen to the show. Hope Ronnie can be on the FOF show one day.

  22. Hi guys… I was trying to access the “online service” for bookkeeping personal account, but I didn’t quite get the address. I am referring to an online service Fausto commented in this show… something like MIT or MET?

    Let me know 🙂

    Kisses from Barcelona, Spain!

  23. Got it! It was
    Sorry my ears weren’t that sharp!


  24. Oscar says:

    as a college student i completely loved this show, it was amazing.
    you guys are doing a great job, great show, great everything

  25. Mike says:

    I know you’ve been hoping to interview a gay man who supports the Republican party, but please try to find one that doesn’t distort the facts. If Jay had been paying attention he would have known that the Democrats have had a majority in the House for 2.5 years, not four. Democrats do not have a majority in the Senate, where I believe it is 49/49/2 (Democrats/Republicans/Independents). Since gaining back some clout in Congress, the Democrats have attempted to pass legislation protecting us from hate crimes and from being fired from our jobs due soley to our sexual orientation. It was the Republican members of Congress, for the most part, that killed this legislation. Legislation, I might add that our Republican President was prepared to veto. I’m more than willing to listen to some thoughtful debate on the issues from all parties, but this Republican campaign (like the two which came before it) can’t seem to tell the truth. It’s very sad when “inaccuracies” which could so easily harm us come from within our own community. PLEASE either lose Jay’s contact information or next time call him out on what he says.

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