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FOF #2147 – The Holy Pizza Wars

The battle between equality and religious fundamentalism is now taking place in pizza parlors and bakeries.

What is it about white flour that makes people go nuts?

Today writer Zach Stafford from the Guardian joins us to take a look at the Holy Pizza Wars- how groups on both sides of the table are serving up politics with a side of cheese sticks in 30 minutes or less.

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FOF #2030 – Tom Goss on Staying Motivated as An Artist

The most important thing in life is the relationships we create with others. One of the best ways to bring people into your life is to make awesome stuff and share it. But it’s not always easy being a creative spirit in a challenging world.

Today Tom Goss joins us for a live music session and to talk about how to stay artistically motivated.

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FOF #1793 – Prince Manvendra Returns

A vibrant gay scene is blossoming in India which for years was held back by the horrible legacy of British colonial rule. Now change is finally happening thanks to people like Prince Manvendra, who has been leading the way for equality.

Today His Royal Highness Prince Manvendra joins us in person to talk about the progress for equality in India and his new organization Ekta Transglobal.

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FOF #1721 – All Aboard the Lady Gaga Bait Bus

Lady Gaga kicked off her new tour by christening the Born Brave Bus, a colorful bus where fans at her concerts can seek professional mental health services.

Today we take a look at the idea of pop stars providing medical services to their fans. If this trend continues, will we see weight loss clinics for fans of Adele or plastic surgery clinics for fans of Cher?

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EMIS Study – All You Need to Know About Gay Sex in Europe

Percentage of respondents who were Single and met their last non-steady partner online EMIS – The European MSM (men who have sex with men) Internet Survey conducted the largest study about MSM in Europe with […]

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Male Contraceptive May Have Potential for Preventing HIV Transmission

RISUG (a.k.a. Vasalgel) is a reversible method of male contraception, developed in India but gaining interest and support in North America. It involves injecting a chemical plug into each vas deferens that neutralizes sperm as […]

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Apparent Immunity Gene ‘Cures’ Bay Area Man of AIDS

Always best to be cautiously optimistic with these stories, but it all seems promising: Timothy Ray Brown, a 45-year-old San Francisco man previously known to the medical community as “the Berlin patient,” has become the […]

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Will.i.Am’s Anti-Condom Message to Women

We all say dumb things in passing, and I hope that the Black Eye Pea’s frontman has enough sense to correct his recent statement about women and condoms to Elle Magazine. Spotted out by Gossiponthis, […]

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FOF #1358 – The Battle Over HIV Prevention

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation launched a national ad campaign to discredit PrEP or Pre Exposure Prophylaxis, a new HIV prevention technique that involves taking Truvada (an existing HIV medication) on a daily basis.

Why is the leadership of the nation’s largest AIDS organization arguing against a treatment that could potentially save millions of gay men from becoming HIV positive?

Queen of the Whole Universe! Who Will Reign Supreme?

FOF’s Middle Earth correspondent with the latest hot news from New Zealand’s cool capital: Presently holding the Guinness World Record for the largest drag queen stage show, the Queen of the Whole Universe beauty pageant […]

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