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Speaking of B*LLSH*T…

Gawker reveals that Derrick Burts, the former porn actor who claims he contracted HIV from gay oral sex in one of his movies, was in fact a former Rentboy. Also, all of the actors Burts […]

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Health: One in Four People With HIV Have a Brain Disorder

A Canadian study has found that a quarter of those living with HIV have some sort of neurological disorder. HIV is known to cause inflammation that can damage the brain. The study team found that […]

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New Group Aims to End HIV-Specific Criminal Laws

The Positive Justice Project seeks an end to HIV-specific criminal laws in the U.S. and around the world was recently launched.

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FOF #1253 – Rubber Lover

Your new boyfriend may give you a whole lot more than just a box of chocolates. Most people know that using condoms for casual sex is important, but new studies show that an alarming number of HIV infections happen when guys fall in love.

So when is it okay to stop using condoms with your boyfriend and still be safe? How soon is too soon?

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ASK JIM PICKETT ANYTHING: Is It Okay to Stop Using Condoms With my Boyfriend?

Let’s talk about sex! Writer and health advocate Jim Pickett is on today’s show talking about condom use between gay male couples. How do you decide if and when to not use condoms? There has […]

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Iconic 1970s Rush Poppers Company Goes Out of Business

It’s the end of an era. Pac West Distributing (PWD), the company that makes Rush poppers has gone out of business. Nobody knows why, but according to the This is FYF blog, the company’s website […]

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Antibodies Found That Prevent Most HIV Strains

ScienceDaily (July 9, 2010) — Scientists have discovered two potent human antibodies that can stop more than 90 percent of known global HIV strains from infecting human cells in the laboratory, and have demonstrated how […]

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FOF #1190 – She’s the One

People are outraged over the Illinois Department of Public Health’s bizarre ad campaign targeting gay men called “He’s the One.” And no, it’s not “He’s the one,” as in “Ooh la la, he’s Prince Charming” it’s “He’s the one, that will infect you.”

What was the ad campaign supposed to accomplish, and why did it even run in the first place, in a gay newspaper of all places?

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VIDEO: Elizabeth Pisani’s TED Talk on Looking at HIV/AIDS from a Whore’s Point of View

Our guest Elizabeth Pisani dazzled audiences in her leather go-go boots at the TED “Ideas Worth Spreading” conference in February this year, where fabulous folks gather to share bold ideas on Technology, Entertainment, Design (get […]

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Elton John’s Letter to Ryan White, 20 Years After His Death From AIDS

I still remember hearing about this kid and the battles he faced at such a young age.

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