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London’s Piss Pirate

This story is incedible and would be unbelievable if there weren’t pictures of the room.  There’s an excerpt below, and I don’t want to ruin the story.  So, here’s a brief description:  Some guy bathed […]

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VIDEO: KLM Wants to Hook You Up – in More Ways Than One!

KLM Airlines recently released a video showcasing their new “Meet & Seat” program where you can use a facebook like interface to try and join the Mile High Club. The new program lets you troll […]

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FOF #1520 – Extreme Sexual Fetishes

What one person finds sexually stimulating, others might find horrifying, ridiculous or insane. Today we’re talking about extreme sexual fetishes, and every day acts that make some people’s hair stand on end.

Joining us is our sexy friend Brian Heckler, a kinky man about town.

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VIDEO: The Berlin Hipster – a Parody

The video is in German, please switch on the subtitles. When you travel to Berlin you will quickly notice that the city is full of hipsters. All of them try so hard to be unique […]

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VIDEO: How to Fake French

Some tips how to communicate with French when you cannot speak French.

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VIDEO: Worth Your Eyeball Time – Landscapes 2

Time Lapse / Raw HDR Movies. One of the best ones I have seen out there.

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GAY License Plates in New Zealand

“If Robert Trathen’s car registration is anything to go by, he is homosexual and adventurous in the boudoir.”  Is 69ing considered adventurous?? Looks like the NZTA is waiting until they move 999 of these plates […]

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VIDEO: Job Description: ”Titty Slapper”

If you want a fuller chest, butt, or face (I guess,) then this lady can slap you fuller.  Apparently she charges millions of Bhats (couple of dollars?) to slap the ugly out of you.  She […]

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The Gay Guide to Rugby World Cup 2011

Stadiums across New Zealand will be packed for the next six weeks with people gathering from around the world to watch buff guys in tight shorts running around tackling each other. And surprisingly, most spectators […]

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EMIS Study – All You Need to Know About Gay Sex in Europe

Percentage of respondents who were Single and met their last non-steady partner online EMIS – The European MSM (men who have sex with men) Internet Survey conducted the largest study about MSM in Europe with […]

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