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Alyssa Edwards: The Remix

If only she were smart enough to monetize her many catch phrases! New summer jam!

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Rip whitney houston :”((((((

Rip whitney houston :”((((((

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RIP whitney houston

RIP Whitney Houston :”(((((((

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Anti-Equality MN Senate Majority Leader Resigns Due to Extramarital Affair

Anti-Equality Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch resigned from her leadership post the day after fellow Republicans confronted her about allegations that she had an “inappropriate relationship” with a staff member.  Koch rose to power […]

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This gif Speaks for Itself

Actor Taylor Lautner speaks without words.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga for Thierry Mugler

It’s as if Tyra Banks directed Bjork’s “Hidden Place” video starring Eureeka from “Eureeka’s Castle”.

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VIDEO: Madonna Parody ”Colonic” Featuring Jem and the Holograms (NSFW)

Sienna d’Enima‘s raunchy voiceovers of the 1980s gay boy cartoon, Jem and the Holograms, featuring the abortion-giving acid-tripping tranny, Jiz, shouldn’t be missed.  Here is the latest: an extended music video of Jiz’s hit song […]

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Monks Try to Teach ‘Maleness’ to Thai Ladyboys

The Bachmann’s aren’t the only ones teaching conversion therapy: Thai Buddhist monks are trying to teach “ladyboys” to be male. I didn’t realise the Dalai Lama was the model of masculinity! CHIANG KHONG, Thailand — […]

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Target Still Evil: Stays Neutral on Anti-Marriage Equality Ammendment While Sponsoring Twin Cities Pride

Target is still evil.  The Republican controlled legislature in Minnesota recently pushed through a ballot initiative for 2012 that would add an anti-marriage equality ammendment to the State Constitution.  Target, a Minneapolis based company, has […]

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9-Year-Old Boy in 1991 Doing Madonna’s ”Vogue”

This has been going around facebook, but it’s so thrilling I couldn’t help but to share it here.  This song with this kid fill me with so much joy and pride in being gay this […]

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