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Apparent Immunity Gene ‘Cures’ Bay Area Man of AIDS

Always best to be cautiously optimistic with these stories, but it all seems promising: Timothy Ray Brown, a 45-year-old San Francisco man previously known to the medical community as “the Berlin patient,” has become the […]

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Xelle Music Video For ”Party Girl”

Xelle is a New York girl group featuring Rupaul’s Drag Race contestant Mimi Imfurst and two bio-girls JC Cassis and Rony Goffer.  Here is the video for their first single “Party Girl”.  The song and […]

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VIDEO: Probing Japanese TV Show Investigates if Cats Will Go Into Bowls

I wish all TV could be this simple. A Japanese connection of mine on facebook translates it roughly to: “Let’s see if they go in the bowls.” “YES!” “Oh how cuuuuteee!”

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VIDEO: Ridiculous Ukranian Gay Boy Band

Ukranian boy band Kazaky is basically a crew of Eastern European porn stars turned Lady Gaga back-up dancers.  Stilletoes, abs for days, “Single Ladies” dance moves, and simple spoken-word lyrics like “Fuck, Money, Trend, Fame, […]

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A Christmas Video From Julie Masking

Nightmare-inducer, Julie, asks, “What would you like for Christmas?”

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Lady GaGa Talks About Actual Performance Artist Marina Abramovic

OMG she is totally limitless.  She has no limits.. like in every way.  I do not posses the limitless brain that she does.  She is so free.  To be free is to be limitless.  Boundless.

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Young Conservative Unleashes Nerdy C-SPAN Rant on Ex-Girlfriend

Conservatives are miserable people, especially when it comes to dating.  Hilarity and awkwardness ensued when two C-SPAN panelests with a past personal relationship get off topic at a promotional event for young conservatives.   I […]

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Gimme Pizza!

A laugh-out-loud worthy viral video of a 1990’s song performed by the Olsen Twins slooowed down with hilarious results.  There is something disturbing about the androgynous kid with whipped cream at 0:43.

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Lady Gaga Inspired by 1952 Black Mountain College ”Event?”

This image came up in my Modern Art class yesterday and of course I couldn’t help but see Lady Gaga.  The progressive Black Mountian College in the mid-twentieth century provided a new and unique structure […]

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Debut Single From Openly Gay X-Factor Winner Joe McElderry: ”Ambitions”

American Idol may be over with, but Simon Cowell has gotten the talent show format right in his UK series X-Factor.   Last year, eighteen-year-old cutie Joe McElderry finished on top, winning over the public with […]

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