VIDEO: Probing Japanese TV Show Investigates if Cats Will Go Into Bowls

Feb 22, 2011 · 1985 views

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I wish all TV could be this simple. A Japanese connection of mine on facebook translates it roughly to: “Let’s see if they go in the bowls.” “YES!” “Oh how cuuuuteee!”


  1. Chickengirl says:

    omg that was the cutest thing ever…

    Even if some TV shows on Japanese television look ridiculous to Westerners, most of their programing is more entertaining than some of the garbage we get here….

  2. Andy says:

    Yes, it is very kawaii but one get tired of it after some time. When Japanese straight friends visited me in Germany, they also watched some German TV in the evening, they really liked the ads after 12 am for the phone sex hotlines which usually show completely naked women or men touching themselves.

    • Chickengirl says:

      true….I went to Tokyo last year and watched some Japanese TV when I was in the hotel…..the commercials and the TV shows were just so much more appealing than what you’d see on American TV….

      for instance, this commercial for a bank/cellphone(?) featuring Quentin Tarantino

      American celebrities apparently like to make extra money by doing Japanese commercials….

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