FOF #2852 – Broadway Baby Colin O’Leary is All Grown Up

Apr 5, 2020 · 2102 views

Colin O’Leary who loves his Broadway showtunes and the world’s most patient mom, Carol. Photos: Colin O’Leary.

One thing we’ve long been fighting for is for everyone to fearlessly be themselves. So it’s great to see folks like Colin O’Leary shine on YouTube in his videos where he lip syncs rapid fire medleys of Broadway songs in wild costumes with full support of his family.

Today YouTube superstar Colin O’Leary, joins us to talk about how he started making his Broadway show tune lip sync videos in his family’s SUV while his mom Carol was nonplussed behind the wheel of the car.

Thankfully the only thing they’ve crashed into is RuPaul’s Drag Con.


Colin shares with us his adventures of interviewing drag queens at DragCon while dressed up in drag as a reverse mermaid.

Think you know your Broadway showtunes? Take our quiz and find out!

Someone put the buttholes back into the trailer for the film Cats.

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