FOF #2993 – Keep it Gay! Becoming the Producer’s Gay Hitler

Nov 9, 2021 · 1985 views

John B Boss (center) looks back on 20 years of Mel Brook’s The Producers on Broadway and the touring production, of which he stared in as Roger DeBris in over 230 performances. Photos courtesy of John B Boss, Universal Pictures and Fausto Fernós.

For as gay as the musicals on the Great White Way are, Broadway characters and their relationships are disturbingly straight.

So when we get a character that openly queer, we celebrate it, even if it’s Hitler.

Of course we are talking about Roger Elizabeth DeBris, the over the top musical theater director who winds up performing the gay Hitler in the musical within the musical “Springtime for Hitler” in “Mel Brooks’ The Producers.”

Today we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tony Tony Tony award-winning “Mel Brooks’ The Producers” on Broadway with actor John B Boss, who has played the fierce drag queen gay Hitler in over 230 shows including the official touring production.

Listen as John B Boss chats with us about the iconic role and John’s upcoming Christmas gig as a virtual Santa Claus to all the good little children of the world.

You better behave, you better be good. The many faces of John B Boss. Photos courtesy of John B Boss.


There’s a petition to keep James Cordon out of the new Wicked movie.

Is it possible in real life for crooked theater producers to create a flop in order to rob investors?


  1. colaboy29 says:

    hen you talked about doing a production of Rocky Horror where the characters are interacting with the audience as they arrive reminds me that the last Broadway production of Once on This Island did that. The show was down in the round and different characters walked around setting thins up, cooking, and talking with the audience. Norm Lewis, the original King Triton in Little Mermaid musical, was pretending to fish and I yelled out to him “Did you catch a flounder?” He laughed and went backstage for a bit.

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