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FOF #2893 – Howard Ashman: the Man Who Gave a Mermaid a Voice and a Beast a Soul

After several box office bombs in the 80s, Disney considered never making animated musicals again.

Thankfully, after playwright and lyricist Howard Ashman’s successful musical comedy Little Shop of Horrors, Disney asked him to work with them and launched the Disney Renaissance.

Today musical theater enthusiast Jake Bellisimo from the YouTube channel Dreamsounds joins us to take a look at the amazing musical legacy of Howard Ashman, queer coding in Disney films and Beauty and the Beast as an allegory for society’s betrayal of people with AIDS.

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FOF #2852 – Broadway Baby Colin O’Leary is All Grown Up

One thing we’ve long been fighting for is for everyone to fearlessly be themselves. So it’s great to see folks like Colin O’Leary shine on YouTube in his videos where he lip syncs rapid fire medleys of Broadway songs in wild costumes with full support of his family.

Today YouTube superstar Colin O’Leary, joins us to talk about how he started making his Broadway show tune lip sync videos in his family’s SUV while his mom Carol was nonplussed behind the wheel of the car.

FOF #2038 – A Streetcar Named Undesirable

Steven Strafford’s new musical Methtacular! delivers the gay side of Breaking Bad we never got to see, by taking us on a hilarious but harrowing journey of his three years as a crystal meth addict in Chicago.

Today actor Steven Strafford joins us for a live music session playing songs from Methtacular! Listen as Steven talks about having the courage to take some of the worst moments of his life and turn it into art.

FOF #1740 – Ex Gay Camp

Comedian Rob Anderson wrote Straight Camp- a musical about a teenage musical theater fanatic who gets sent to a gay-to-straight camp. To get a handle on his subject matter, Rob contacted ex-gay ministries pretending he was unsure about being gay.

That’s when the barrage of emails started and his phone would not stop ringing. What he found out will blow your mind. Not surprisingly, a lot of the guys who run these cults are big ol flaming queens.

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VIDEO: NSFW – The First Nudie Musical / Trailer

Never seen the film… just heard about it. I hope there is a digital copy around. I don’t have VHS any more.

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FOF #1453 – The Zombie Musical

Annie get your gun, and shoot the zombies in the head! Join us as we talk with the creators of “Musical of the Living Dead,” Marc Lewallen and Brad Younts, about the appeal of zombie films, zombies as a reflection of our times and a sugar-free recipe for stage blood that won’t send you to the hospital, cause that would be really confusing.

Wicked the Musical is Headed to the Big Screen

The smash Broadway hit musical Wicked, a Wizard of Oz prequel of sorts, based on the fantastic novel by Gregory McGuire is headed to the big screen!   The creative team behind the stage version are […]

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Shoe Whore Imelda Marcus Inspires Musical Genius: ”Here Lies Love”

Imelda Marcos is many things; wife of a dictator, a power hungry legend, celebrity collector and ravenous shoe craving fashionista, but musical muse?  Yes. David Byrne, the frontman of the legendary Talking heads and Fatboy […]

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