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VIDEO: Better Late Than Never: Gingerbread House 2011

I’m clearly mentally disabled.  I tried to post this during the holidays when it was remotely relevent but didn’t notice the “post” process had moved…  So here it is just in time for  Chinese New […]

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Video: Scandalicious Hunky Jesus Contest in San Francisco

It was a gorgeous sunny day in San Francisco for the 32nd annual Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Hunky Jesus contest.  The winner takes sacrilege to a new level.

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Glitter Day Window in the Castro

Ok so it’s a xmas display that had all the more traditional ornaments stripped out that just happened to still be up this evening, but I like to think it’s part of Glitter Day .

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VIDEO: A Glitter Day Gift From Curtis

I’m in.  Glitter Day is my favorite new holiday.  In celebration I transform a gift from Marc and Fausto meant for that other holiday (the one the Christian Right gets so excited about) into a […]

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: The Best Movies of 2010

Happy New Year FOF’ers!  Time for my annual round up of the best of cinema that I saw in 2010. My criteria is not necessarily what was the most “important” film of the year, but […]

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Liberace Museum Drops It’s Last Rhinestone Oct 17

Visitors to Las Vegas are losing one of the Gayest cultural attractions in the world.  The Liberace Foundation announced the closing of the Liberace Museum in October.  I’m so glad that Fausto and Marc were […]

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Video: The Jersey Shore Goes to Bon Temps or ”Snookie Stackhouse”

That’s right True Blood fans, the bumped one is taking her tanorexic slut brigade to Bon Temps and Merlotte’s Bar and Grill.  An immortal Guidette, just what the world was clamoring for. Oh and the […]

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Video: The ”California Gays” Show Us Their Peacock

The Katy Perry lovin twinks behind the internet sensation “California Gays” are back with their take on what Katy Perry hopes will be a big gay anthem.  Strange that they don’t even really show any […]

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Limo Slams Into Crowd Outside Gay Bar in Vancouver

I’ve gone to great lengths to break into a line outside a bar in my day, but I never once used a vehicle.  A limo driver in Vancouver drove onto the sidewalk outside  popular gay […]

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Photos: Sexy Hot Men Get Twisted at Market Days – Day One

the Steamworks Porn Star Twister game at Market Fays raised $1564.97 for Chicago House with the help and talents of our intrepid podcasters Fausto and Marc!  Click on the blue link below the title for […]

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