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Telephone the Afghanistan Remake

Forget don’t ask don’t tell honey. I think the husky guy is dreamy. And special points for costumes.

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Retarded Puerile Sexy Fun Music

21 free tracks that range from the puerile to the filthy. Check out the most recent video under the vid tab, “Poop on Your Face,” which features sexy gay sploshing action.

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DJ Earworm Video Mashup Engineered Scientifically for Max Enjoyment

DJ earworm known for his seamless music mashups has done a video mashup of the Top 25 Hits of 2009, according to Billboard. Warning: this will totally get stuck in your heard!

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What Do Drag Queens, Communists, & the White House Have in Common?

Simon Doonan was chosen to decorate the White House Christmas Tree and he added his own special touch of flair. I think it was the best decision Obama made all year.

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I Don’t Have Any Money Because I Spent It All on Income Tax and Ass

Juan Gabriel is without a doubt one of the highest grossing Latino artists of all time. A real life rags to riches story. Most people think he’s a millionaire but when asked about his fortune […]

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Your Very Own Cupcake Car, W Matching Hat Too

Got an extra $25,000 laying around? You can have your very own custom cupcake car. It’s like Neiman’s and Burning Man got together. From the site: Put on your matching hat, slip under the muffin […]

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Margret Cho in a Very Bloody New Film by Austin Young

Margret Cho, Vaginal Creme Davis, and Jackie Beat as you’ve never seen them before with a rather gore filled surprise!

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