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omg, i’m sooo happy about this. i volunteered for the campaign since august and i am SO happy that obama won. it was clearly the right choice... » More

On FOF #873 – Yes We Did!

UNCUT cock is good for you!!! i like a man thats 100% natural » More

On FOF #870 – Shivers Down My Spine

OMG nooooooo, i can’t believe Dan said that im a giant fan of the Bait bus and have followed it for YEARS. that totally ruined it. oh well,... » More

On FOF #866 – Hope Your Day is Good Dan

i love it!!! » More

On Pandalicious

this show got me through 1 hour of traffic at 1 in the morning. i LOVED IT ps. post more pictures of joel!! » More

On FOF #862 – Welcome to Deven Green