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Did anyone think of Woody Allen and Sun Yi when they heard this story? While the younger halves of the relationships can claim naivete – the... » More

On FOF #911 – Michael’s Plea

That was the funniest open ever! Had me laughing out loud as I walked down the street trying to catch my bus. » More

On FOF #905 – Joining the Impact

I have taken it to approach colleagues at work and tell them that they have shamed their ancestors. » More

On Halloween Pandas on Parade

It would be easy to say that the information about the Black vote is a bunch of crap. There WAS outreach: Prop. 8 rivals seek support in black... » More

On FOF #882 – Rev. Straight Talks About Prop. 8

You guys did a great job turning out for this. Here in San Francisco it was 85 and everyone was in shorts, getting a good tan... » More

On PHOTOS: National Protest Against Prop. 8, Federal Plaza, Chicago