FOF #1327 – That’s a Real Pretty Facebook You Got There

Feb 10, 2011 · 1985 views

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Stalkers, identity thieves and your annoying family are all watching your every update as if to say, “That’s a pretty Facebook you got there, be a shame if something happened to it.”

Today, Facebook expert Dave Awl, author of “Facebook Me” joins us once again to navigate us through the choppy waters of the world’s largest social network.


  1. th! says:

    I loved your chat with Dave Awl! so many good facebook tips… thx Fausto and Mark!

  2. Curtis says:

    Great show, I love Dave’s insight into Facebook.

    But I’m begging you, please please please, can we never again have another discussion about whether “the Social Network” reflects the reality of Facebook. It’s like criticizing Shakespeare for not getting the details of Cleopatra’s real life correct. It is a piece of art and entertainment not a documentary. It’s “truth” is in its themes (friendship betrayal, the motives that drive success) not “the essence of Facebooks popularity” or an examination of Facebook as a website or technology, it’s a story about people. My head wants to explode when I hear these conversations.

  3. GayMarine says:

    To be honest, I have never really figured out the whole FaceBook thing but this great chat with Dave has renewed my interest. I just purchased the book (yes … through the FOF link) and I can’t wait to get it. Thanks for this GREAT show. You get a great big “Oo-rah!” for this one!

  4. Andy says:

    I was surprised to hear only 5% of Facebook users actually use friends lists. What I don’t like about Facebook is that since Facebook there are less comments on certain other websites.

    It would be nice to see more comments and discussions on this fabulous website instead on the FOF Facebook page.

  5. brian says:

    This was an excellent interview. I stumbled upon the friends list a while ago when it was called something else and it’s extremely useful. This is a good reminder of how to be a little bit classier in a facebook world (ps, I’m a teacher who is generally horrified by the things I see colleagues/studends posting). Thanks Dave, Marc and Fausto!

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