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FOF #2047 – Sex on Wheels

FOF #2047 – Sex on Wheels

It’s not always easy getting the sex you want, whether you’re in a wheelchair or not.

For writer Andrew Morrison Gurza, it’s important that people recognize that disabled folks are sexual beings too. Now, as a gay man, it’s not always easy for Andrew to get his groove on, but he has game and does just fine.

Listen as Andrew talks about queer crip liberation, the very sexy Alex Minsky and why you should totally go out on a date with that cute guy in a wheelchair.

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Can you identify whose butts these are? The winner gets a big hug! Photo: Fausto Fernós.

FOF #2046 – Whose Ass is It Anyway?

The butt is a glorious thing and thankfully its finally getting its day in the sun. And it’s not just gay guys who love the booty action.

Vogue magazine finally caught on declaring plump booties are in fashion. Even macho black rappers are boasting about how much they love to dine on derriere.

Joining us today is Tommy Holl, who thanks to years of gymnastics has a very nice booty to talk about this and all the hot news.

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FOF #2045 – Cartoon Voices During Sex

FOF #2045 – Cartoon Voices During Sex

Our friend Cody Melcher is pretty high strung, and sometimes feels at odds with the world around him. Maybe it’s because he’s a paleophile, a person who loves old and ancient things, or because he’s a time traveler in disguise.

Or maybe it’s because whenever he feels happy and relaxed he starts to talk in cartoon voices, like Droopy Dog or Bubu, Yogi the Bear’s little sidekick.

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FOF #2044 – Adventures in Babysitting

FOF #2044 – Adventures in Babysitting

Two years ago filmmaker Mark Blane was accused of “gay-napping” two boys he babysat at a grocery store in Chicago. His experience as a male caretaker inspired him to develop CUBBY, a new film where a gay nanny develops a relationship with a older gay sex worker.

Today Mark Blane joins us to talk about his adventures in babysitting that led him seek crowd-funding to make his quirky film.

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FOF #2043 – 32 Ounces

FOF #2043 – 32 Ounces

32 ounces! 32 ounces! If you don’t have 32 ounces of premium silicone lube, you’re practically dry and celibate.

We get a lot of crazy stuff in the mail, most of it is care packages, promotional items, gift certificates and perverse comic books, but this one really wets our whistle.

Imagine our surprise when we opened up the mail and got deluged in lube. Honey these bottles are big.

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FOF #2042 – The Bohemian Sensuality of Spencer Day

FOF #2042 – The Bohemian Sensuality of Spencer Day

We don’t usually associate sensual bohemian music with Mormons, but instead we think of wholesome Donnie and Marie types, where everyone smiles till it hurts.

But musician Spencer Day has been through hell and back- from pretending he was a heroin junkie in high school to look cool to struggling with his religious upbringing and sexual identity as an adult.

Today a live music sessions with the fabulous Spencer Day, playing songs from his new album The Mystery of You.

Coco Peru, photos by: Palladino Den Photography.

FOF #2041 – Coco Peru Gets Intimate

For over two decades, drag legend Coco Peru has appeared in many fabulous TV shows like Will & Grace and movies like Girls will be Girls, Too Wong Foo and Trick, where’s she will always be known for her iconic line “it burns.”

Today the legendary Coco Peru joins us to talk about her fabulous new career interviewing divas like Jane Fonda and Liza Minnelli for the Los Angeles LGBT Center, her shopping videos and she weighs in on the massive celebrity naked pic scandal.

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FOF #2040 – Brianna Baker Goes to Prison, Hollywood

FOF #2040 – Brianna Baker Goes to Prison, Hollywood

Like a lot of performers in Chicago, Brianna Baker is making Feast of Fun her last stop before heading to Hollywood to further her career.

Before her big move, Brianna, who never really met her father in person, recently visited him in prison in Florida and discovered they have a lot in common.

Today, Brianna Baker talks about moving from Chicago to LA while connecting with her father as he prepares to get out of prison.

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FOF #2039 – Alaska’s Makeup is Far from Terrible

FOF #2039 – Alaska’s Makeup is Far from Terrible

Alaska now has a hit on her hands with her new video “Your Makeup is Terrible” where he majestically deconstructs his drag creation, showing us the vulnerable man underneath the painted visage.

Listen as Alaska takes all your questions and gives us the dirt on his collaboration with Adore Delano, the common ground trans folks and drag performers share and how drag builds community.

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FOF #2038 – A Streetcar Named Undesirable

FOF #2038 – A Streetcar Named Undesirable

Steven Strafford’s new musical Methtacular! delivers the gay side of Breaking Bad we never got to see, by taking us on a hilarious but harrowing journey of his three years as a crystal meth addict in Chicago.

Today actor Steven Strafford joins us for a live music session playing songs from Methtacular! Listen as Steven talks about having the courage to take some of the worst moments of his life and turn it into art.