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FOF #2228 - Save Cooking with Drag Queens - 10.06.15

FOF #2228 – Save Cooking with Drag Queens

It’s been a delicious year for Cooking with Drag Queens, our fabulous new web series where you get to know your favorite queens better and get introduced to some fabulous new gals.

Joining us is the splendiferous Joan Waters as we give you a sneak peek at all the delicious she-nanigans we have planned for Season 2 of Cooking with Drag Queens.

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FOF #2227 - More Than Just a Gigolo - 10.05.15

FOF #2227 – More Than Just a Gigolo

Today we salute all the hard working men and women of the world’s oldest profession, by taking a look at the song “Just a Gigolo” as it evolved through the past nine decades.

Listen as we take you on a musical journey as we look at how a good song from 1928 got transformed time and time again through the decades.

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FOF #2226 - The New Adventures of Trixie Mattel - 10.02.15

FOF #2226 – The New Adventures of Trixie Mattel

It’s been an amazing year for Trixie Mattel, the living doll who won the hearts of children of all ages when she made her appearance on Cooking with Drag Queens, oh and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Today Trixie Mattel joins us from her new home in West Hollywood to talk about her new one woman show “Trixie Mattel – Ages 3 and Up.”

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FOF #2225 - Tommy Walton Sets the Kitchen on Fire - 10.01.15

FOF #2225 – Tommy Walton Sets the Kitchen on Fire

We’re just crazy about Tommy Walton, who Chef Gordon Ramsay said was one of the most memorable people on his reality TV cooking competition MasterChef.

Today we chat with Chef Tommy Walton about his stint on reality TV, his wild fashion sensibility and how he managed to convince one of the contestants that he was a vampire.

Cooking with Drag Queens Season Two

Cooking with Drag Queens Season Two

Season One was an all-you-can eat buffet of tantalizing drag queens and food, but people are hungry for more so, now is the time to pop Season Two into the oven and get it funded for an early spring 2016 delivery.

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FOF #2224 - Bitch It’s Vivacious - 09.30.15

FOF #2224 – Bitch It’s Vivacious

Mother has arrived! When Miley Cyrus danced with 30 drag queens at the VMAs, one queen with a giant yellow wig and sick-o-ning dance moves stood out- the electrifying Vivacious.

Listen as we kiki with Vivacious about the grueling week long rehearsals with Miley that led to the glorious show.

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FOF #2223 - Madonna is Coming - 09.28.15

FOF #2223 – Madonna is Coming

Brace yourselves, Madonna is coming to a city near you. Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour is her biggest show yet, chock full of sexually ambiguous costumes, homoerotic choreography, punk tongue wagging, pole dancing and Madonna playing the guitar and getting crucified.

Bitch, it’s Madonna, what else did you expect?

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FOF #2222 - How Not to Be an Asshole - 09.24.15

FOF #2222 – How Not to Be an Asshole

Has the whole world has gone mad? Kim Davis gets away with bogus marriage licenses, CEO Martin Shkreli raises meds prices 5000%, joggers & dads with baby strollers duke it out in Brooklyn and then Azaelia Banks punches a passenger on a plane.

Today comedian Cody Melcher joins us to take a look at how to be anything other than an asshole, dealing with everyday rotten people and what to do when you realize you’re one of the bad guys.

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FOF #2221 - We Heart the Hemp Lady - 09.23.15

FOF #2221 – We Heart the Hemp Lady

It seems kind of crazy but hemp, which is found in home insulation, skin cream and candy bars is still illegal to grow in the United States.

Today we’re joined by hemp advocate Anndrea Herman Listen to talk about the many marvelous uses of hemp and what it’s going to take to legalize it. Plus: the truth behind medicinal cannabis oil.

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FOF #2220 - Big Pharma’s Biggest Jerk - 09.22.15

FOF #2220 – Big Pharma’s Biggest Jerk

Folks are fuming mad at Martin Shkreli, a hedge fund millionaire who’s made the news by buying a Daraprim, a vital AIDS and cancer drug,then raising the price a whopping 5000%.

Today we take a look at the Internet’s new public enemy #1 who may ultimately inspire people to demand universal healthcare.

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