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FOF #2141 - Miss Fame is Painted for the Gods - 03.30.15

FOF #2141 – Miss Fame is Painted for the Gods

One of the most compelling make-up experts on the Internet is Miss Fame, whose video tutorials are showing a whole new generation how to paint for the gods.

Today we’re chatting with Miss Fame about the changing face of drag queen make-up, what the future holds for this stunning queen and of course all the drama on Drag Race.

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FOF #2140 - Stupid Sexy Aaron Schock - 03.27.15

FOF #2140 – Stupid Sexy Aaron Schock

As the end of Downton Abbey approaches, it’s appropriate that we’re also seeing the end of the political career of one of its biggest fans, Aaron Schock.

Once a rising star in the Republican Party, the former Men’s Health model was under investigation for his spending habits, facing serious charges that would land him in prison.

Instead he smartly chose to resign, and find more interesting places from which to Instagram.

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FOF #2139 - Six Seconds of Fame - 03.26.15

FOF #2139 – Six Seconds of Fame

Comedian Meg Grunewald does Crossfit in a wig and costume because it’s the only way to hide from the cult and still get a workout in. Not really, she does it to entertain her massive following on Vine, the app that let’s you be the star of your own show in six second allotments of time.

Our guest today is the very funny Meg Grunewald, best known for creating over 87 unique characters that she puts on display for her 18,000 followers on Vine.

FOF #2138 - Phi Phi O’Hara Goes to Jail - 03.25.15

FOF #2138 – Phi Phi O’Hara Goes to Jail

Phi Phi O’Hara is now free as a bird, after spending 30 days in the gay section of a Texas jailhouse. Interestingly enough, the gay inmates were subdivided into two- the butch section and the femme section. You’ll never guess which section this controversial drag queen was put into.

Today Phi Phi O’Hara joins us to talk about her stint in the big house!

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FOF #2137 - Crazy Like a Debbie Fox - 03.24.15

FOF #2137 – Crazy Like a Debbie Fox

RuPaul is pissed and people are pissed off at RuPaul!

RuPaul’s is pissed because this season of Drag Race has more leaks than a screen door on a submarine and it looks like the hole isn’t getting plugged up any time soon.

Folks are even more upset because RuPaul keeps sending the wrong queens home, first with Tempest DuJour and now one the most popular girls from this season.

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FOFA #2071 - Trixie Mattel's Poker Face - 03.23.15

FOFA #2071 – Trixie Mattel’s Poker Face

Trixie Mattel may be famous now but we knew her way back when. Well, since October of 2014 when we first interviewed her.

Listen as we test Trixie’s poker face about wether she got on RuPaul’s Drag Race and her two month long illness she endured this past summer. Cough Cough.

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FOF #2136 - Mad About the Minj - 03.19.15

FOF #2136 – Mad About the Minj

A lot of folks are rooting for the SHE-larious Ginger Minj from RuPaul’s Drag Race to become America’s Next Drag Superstar. Will Ginger be the first thick and juicy gal to win it?

Today Ginger Minj serves up all the T, all the shade and even a glass of pink lemonade on RuPaul’s Shakesqueerean tragedy, Jasmine Masters’ two suitcases filled with food and Pearl’s wake up call.

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FOF #2135 - Gay Hook Ups Gone Wrong - 03.18.15

FOF #2135 – Gay Hook Ups Gone Wrong

Last year in the U.S, six gay men were murdered after meeting up for sex with other guys. Most of the victims met their assailants through hook up apps like Grindr, but one victim in South Carolina, Stephen White, encountered his killer the old fashioned way – in a gay bar.

Joining us today is writer Zach Stafford, who recently went to South Carolina to report on this horrific crime that left a man partnerless and a community worrying about how gay visibility puts LGBT folks at risk.

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FOF #2134 - Candy and Nuts - 03.17.15

FOF #2134 – Candy and Nuts

If “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts, then every day would be RuPaul’s Drag Race. On the latest episode of Drag Race, RuPaul loses her shit over all the excuses the contestants make after messing up a challenge.

Joining us today is the fierce Chicago queen Shea Couleé, who has spent many night knob gobbling around town with two of contestants from this season, Trixie Mattel and Pearl.

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FOF #2133 - Fashion Faux Pas - 03.16.15

FOF #2133 – Fashion Faux Pas

Elton John isn’t having any of what designers Dolce & Gabbana are peddling this season. It’s not their spring collection he’s having problems with, it’s their outdated views on what constitutes a family.

The Italian design duo recently told the press that children born to gay couples through in vitro fertilization are “synthetic,” and nothing beats a fresh baby made with pussy and a dong.

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