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FOF #2108 - A Transcendent Year - 01.30.15

FOF #2108 – A Transcendent Year

It’s been an extraordinary year for LGBT visibility and rights. Now, more than ever before, we are seeing positive representations of trans people in the media.

Today, writer Jen Richards, who personally knows pretty much every major trans person involved in the news last year, joins us to talk about the unprecedented trans visibility.

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FOF #2107 - Absolutely Gia Gunn - 01.28.15

FOF #2107 – Absolutely Gia Gunn

One of the most quoted contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six is Gia Gunn, who stood out from the rest of the dudes on the reality TV show for her biting commentary and unforgettable demeanor.


Join us for a rare in-depth interview with the beautiful Gia Gunn. Listen as we talk about her start as a kabuki theater dancer, the secret to a good tuck and being fluent in English and Spanish.

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FOF #2106 - Getting Your Muse to Put Out - 01.27.15

FOF #2106 – Getting Your Muse to Put Out

You may love your job or be passionate about being an artist, but sooner or later you’re going to get creatively constipated.

Today the very funny Meredith Kachel, host of Chicago’s Hoo Ha! comedy showcase joins us to take a look at creativity– how to seduce your inner muse and get her to put out.

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FOF #2105 - I Voted for Perez - 01.26.15

FOF #2105 – I Voted for Perez

Although he has five million followers on Twitter, Perez Hilton doesn’t get much love from the internet for his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

The producers of the reality TV show seem to think Perez makes for good TV so they are doing everything they can to keep the pest around

Today we’re chatting with one of our listeners from Ireland, Darragh Hughes, despite his love for Feast of Fun, RuPaul’s Drag Race and Michelle Visage, he actually voted to keep Perez on Celebrity Big Brother.

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FOF #2104 - Lucy Stoole and the Tootise Roll King - 01.23.15

FOF #2104 – Lucy Stoole and the Tootise Roll King

Since RuPaul’s Drag Race Season seven is running on drag time, the children are THIRSTY. So today, we’re giving you a big gulp of drag with bearded beauty Lucy Stoole.

Join us as we talk about the death of Melvin J Gordon, the Tootsie Roll King who for 70 years ran the iconic candy company. Maybe in heaven Melvin will finally find out how many licks does it take to get to the center of his tootsie roll pop.

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FOF #2103 - My Year as Mister Leather - 01.22.15

FOF #2103 – My Year as Mister Leather

It’s been a whirlwind year for leatherman Miguel Torres, the adorable Venezuelan hunk who got to represent the Windy City as Mr. Chicago Leather 2014. His reign is now coming to an end and is now ready to sashay away with his sash.

Today Señor Cuero Miguel Torres joins us to take a look at his year in leather and WOOF! he’s fallen in love, and takes us for a walk on his new relationship as a pup handler.

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FOF #2102 - Take Our Love Quiz and Find Out! - 01.21.15

FOF #2102 – Take Our Love Quiz and Find Out!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, everyone is sharing this obnoxious New York Times article about how scientists helped people fall in love in a lab, by simply asking a series of intimate questions.

Can people choose to fall in love by asking the right questions or is there more to falling head over heels?

Today our love doctor Brian Sweeney joins us to give us a full prescription of amore-cillin

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FOF #2101 - Is Perez Hilton Setting Back Gay Rights 50 Years? - 01.20.15

FOF #2101 – Is Perez Hilton Setting Back Gay Rights 50 Years?

Michelle Visage feels that feels that Perez Hilton’s behavior on Celebrity Big Brother is setting back “the gay community 50 years.”

Today we take a look at the impact, if any, obnoxious gay men have on LGBT equality. Is Perez Hilton’s behavior on the show bad for gay rights, or are we just blowing all of this out of proportion? You decide!

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FOF #2100 - Tinder is the Night - 01.15.15

FOF #2100 – Tinder is the Night

Is being an owner of a lonely heart much better than being an owner of a broken heart? Either way, breaking up is hard to do, even if you’re just breaking up with a friend.

Today comedian Cody Melcher talks about his romantic woes after breaking up with his long distance boyfriend over the holidays.

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FOF #2099 - Rise of the Lumbersexual - 01.14.15

FOF #2099 – Rise of the Lumbersexual

Timber! Lumbersexuality, a hot new fashion trend for men that focuses on bushy beards, comfy flannel shirts and a rugged appreciation for nature is setting the woods on fire. But when was a rugged, handsome guy in flannel not popular?

Today we take a look at people’s collective fascination with lumbersexuals, masculinity and it ultimately says about ourselves.

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