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FOF #2210 - Rentboy Raid - 08.28.15

FOF #2210 – Rentboy Raid

After 18 years in business as a gay male escort website, the offices of were raided by the Department of Homeland Security. Some folks say the Feds busting Rentboy is reminiscent of the Stonewall-era police tactics of raiding gay bars and bathhouses.

The news should send a shiver down the spine of any small business owner and freelancer.

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FOF #2209 - Plus Sized Pageant Girl Confidential - 08.25.15

FOF #2209 – Plus Sized Pageant Girl Confidential

Before drag queens competed on reality TV, there was Chicago’s Miss Continental Pageant, which, 35 years later, is still the world’s top pageant for gals with fierce looks and sizzling acts.

Today Natasha Douglass, a fantastic queen from the pageant scene joins us to regale us with tales of girls battling it out for the crown.

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Music Video:  Breath and Sound - Tom Goss feat. Matt Alber

Music Video: Breath and Sound – Tom Goss feat. Matt Alber

New music video from Tom Goss: No matter the dancers, the dance is always the same. Love is love.

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FOF #2208 - Tracy’s Got a Secret - 08.23.15

FOF #2208 – Tracy’s Got a Secret

One of our favorite people in the world is Tracy Tyler, who in the early years of this podcast delighted our audience with delicious tales of her sexy excursions.

Listen as Tracy Tyler gives us a sneak peek at her new album of music, fills us in on her roller coaster romantic life, the final body count in her bloody videos and her thoughts on the reality TV show “I Am Cait.”

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FOF #2207 - Bro Jobs are Fierce - 08.21.15

FOF #2207 – Bro Jobs are Fierce

A new book “Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men” by Jane Ward is making folks more aware than ever that straight guys get into all sorts of gay fun.

But not everyone is cheering them on: Writer Zach Stafford says he’s way over bros wanting to suck the cock, but not walk the walk, and even worse, this phenomenon may even make things shittier for black gay men.

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FOF #2206 - Showgirl Confidential - 08.20.15

FOF #2206 – Showgirl Confidential

Pleasant Gehmen has had an incredible life: as a little girl she got in trouble turning men’s nudie magazines into pamphlets she’d sell at recess. Later, she went on to work as a stripper, belly dancer and now a paranormal investigator!

Listen as Pleasant Gehman joins us to tell truly outrageous stories from her new book Showgirl Confidential– on her life onstage, backstage and on the road.

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FOF #2205 - Kate on Cait  - 08.18.15

FOF #2205 – Kate on Cait

It was a thrill to see our good friend Kate Bornstein chatting it up with Caitlyn Jenner on the latest episode of “I Am Cait,” so we had to follow up to get all the T.

Kate warned the Olympian reality TV star that she’ll have to “deal with the freak factor” of being trans but what exactly did she mean by that because Jenner seems to want to be accepted as normal? Listen as Kate Bornstein gives us a behind the scenes look at I Am Cait.

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FOF #2204 - Joan Waters is Masc for MascDonalds  - 08.17.15

FOF #2204 – Joan Waters is Masc for MascDonalds

Do you ever get asked on dating apps: “are you a masculine?” For many of us our gender expression is complicated so we’re left scratching our heads figuring out where these guys are coming from.

Today we’re joined by drag queen Joan Waters to talk about guys who obsess so much about masculinity that they become the biggest queens!

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FOF #2203 - The Incredibly Inspiring Amanda Lepore  - 08.14.15

FOF #2203 – The Incredibly Inspiring Amanda Lepore

Many of our favorite artists find nightclub personality Amanda Lepore to be a great source of inspiration. Despite her posh image, Amanda Lepore still remains a demure, enigmatic woman who reveals very little about her own mystique.

Today Amanda Lepore joins us to talk about her love for glamour and nudity.

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FOF #2202 - Twinkle Twinkle Lila Star  - 08.13.15

FOF #2202 – Twinkle Twinkle Lila Star

Lila Star’s ambition is to become the first Latina trans rapper to break into the world of hip hop, and with recent appearances on Jerry Springer, she’s well on her way.

Listen as we kiki with Lila about how to make shade work for you in the ball scene, her recent appearance on the Jerry Springer Show and why her boyfriend came out as gay even though he’s into trans women.

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