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FOF #2166 - Sexy Science - 05.20.15

FOF #2166 – Sexy Science

We love to talk about scientific studies that examine gay men, but we seldom if ever get a chance to actually talk the people who do the research.

Well, today that’s changing with our guest, Teddy Semon, a human sexuality researcher at Northwestern University, who tries to figure out what turns men on by hooking their dicks up to a machine which records how aroused they are by erotic stimulus, like porn.

Trannika Rex - Fabulous Fried Chicken Fingers

Trannika Rex – Fabulous Fried Chicken Fingers

In the realm of legend is Colonel Sander’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, which Kentucky Fried Chicken claims is still the same recipe they use to this day. Thanks to culinary sleuths on the Internet, we may very well have figured it out.

Joining us is the she-larious Trannika Rex, one of Chicago’s drag ringleaders who encourages queens as they perform in her shows by throwing some loving shade their way.

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FOF #2165 - The Prancing Vixen - 05.19.15

FOF #2165 – The Prancing Vixen

On the final elimination episode, RuPaul stunned audiences as she sent a certain queen home. Many are crying that it was unfair but maybe Mama Ru just didn’t like they way the eliminated queen condoned herself.

Joining us today is Chicago’s fierce dancing queen The Vixen, who calls herself the “sexiest clown in boystown” to chat about the controversial episode and HRC’s dog and pony show.

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FOF #2164 - Drag Extravaganzas for Everyone - 05.18.15

FOF #2164 – Drag Extravaganzas for Everyone

Okay, I know it seems like every other week there’s a new drag festival drag festival or convention and while we didn’t get to attend DragCon, we have been following the tea online and getting updates from friends and fans.

Today we give you all the dirt on Drag Con, which drag queens charged for autographs and which ones chose to give it away for free, baby drag queens and RuPaul’s rambling but inspiring keynote speech.

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FOF #2163 - Vivacious Zhooshes It Up - 05.15.15

FOF #2163 – Vivacious Zhooshes It Up

Mother has arrived- again! We simply adore Vivacious, the fierce New York City drag queen whose entrance wearing a second head made of a foam wig stand left an indelible mark on the viewers of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Today Vivacious zhooshes her pussy, steps it up, turns it out and works it out, serving up all tea, all tea. Listen as she weighs in on the season 7 girls of RuPaul’s Drag Race,

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FOF #2162 - From Katya With Love - 05.14.15

FOF #2162 – From Katya With Love

Known as “Mom” by her fans, the hilarious drag queen Katya Zamolodchikova couldn’t be more beloved even if had she gone on to win on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7.

Today, MOM is on! Katya Zamolodchikova joins us to talk about the darker times of her not-so-distant past, her Russian drag inspiration and if she’s really just a KGB agent in disguise in order to infiltrate a gay propaganda reality TV show.

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Shea Couleé - Pork Enchiladas w/ Green Salsa

Shea Couleé – Pork Enchiladas w/ Green Salsa

We’re addicted to salsa verde. This green, garlicky Mexican sauce gets its green color not from green tomatoes, but from tomatillos, a green tangy fruit that’s closely related to cape gooseberries. When it comes to putting them on enchiladas, or in this case pork enchiladas, they are out of this world.

Joining us is Shea Coulee– a queen from Chicago who recently exploded on the scene, Shea is well known for taking odds and ends and turning it into high couture. Like Alaska, she finds trash and literally turns it into treasure.

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FOF #2161 - Born on Pride - 05.13.15

FOF #2161 – Born on Pride

Pride Month of June is just around the corner and it seems like people are more divided than ever- activists crying out against an all white celebration of Paris is Burning, British art icon David Hockney saying gays have become boring and bloggers languishing over the future of gay culture.

Joining us today is comedian Cody Melcher, whose birthday this year lands on the same day as Chicago’s Pride parade and the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

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FOF #2159 - The Unsinkable Shangela Laquifa Wadley - 05.12.15

FOF #2159 – The Unsinkable Shangela Laquifa Wadley

Most people know Shangela Laquifa Wadley from her appearances on RuPauls’ Drag Race and Dance Moms, but this hard working comedy queen has guest starred on many TV shows over the past five years, from Glee to the Bold and the Beautiful.

Today we’re joined by the SHE-larious Shangela Laquifa Wadley, to talk about her life after Drag Race, having Alyssa Edwards as a drag mom, and the death drop that almost dropped her dead.

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FOF #2158 - Dad Bod - 05.11.15

FOF #2158 – Dad Bod

Forget about working on your summer beach bod fellas, the Dad Bod is the new look. After a college student’s blog essay “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod” exploded, everyone’s now raving over the dad bod as the hot new trend.

Today we take a look at dad bods, daddy sharks and gay bears— why there’s nothing wrong with being a little thick and juicy and aged to perfection.

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