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FOF #533 - Pie in the Sky - 05.14.07

FOF #533 – Pie in the Sky

Take a good look at Sky Dailey’s face, because it’s about to change. By time time you read this, Sky will have gone through the first series of operations to appear on the outside the […]

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Feast of Fools Mini-Party at the ALT Q Festival

Feast of Fools Mini-Party at the ALT Q Festival

Let’s make 2007 the new summer of love. What better way to start it off than to go to the ALT Q Music Festival? Come join Marc Felion, me Fausto Fernós and Jim Verraros tomorrow […]

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Eurovision Fever

Eurovision Fever

Above is Finland’s Lordi, the monster-rock winners of last year’s Eurovision Song Contest. They’ll open the big show tomorrow, but who will prevail this year at the glamorous competition? Will it be D’Nash, representing Spain? […]

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FOF #532 - Sing for Me Jim - 05.11.07

FOF #532 – Sing for Me Jim

We are just smitten with Jim Verraros. Not only can he sing but he’s naturally a great comic actor and a great performer in many ways. In the beginning of today’s show we’re trying and […]

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MINI - Jim Sings - 05.11.07

MINI – Jim Sings

Jim Verraros can really sing! Listen to Jim sing “You are listening to the Feast of Fools. Makes a great ringtone. SUBSCRIBE WITH: iTUNES | RSS FEED

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Barbra's New Career?

Barbra’s New Career?

Breezy impersonator Barbra by Halstead calls Hollywood’s fabled Comedy Store looking for her big break in the industry. As usual, her unwitting skit partner doesn’t know he’s purportedly speaking to Barbra, which makes it all […]

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MINI - Hot News - 05.10.07

MINI – Hot News

American Idol finalist Jim Verraros (from season one), who has always been out, proud and fabulous drops the gay bomb on Mario Vasquez (from season four) It seems Mario may soon to be officially coming […]

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FOF #531 - Hey Rockstar - 05.10.07

FOF #531 – Hey Rockstar

You asked for him, you got it! Jim Verraros is back and as fabulous as usual. He’s working on a new album, has two new movie roles in the works and his hilarious gay teen […]

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The Carpenters, "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft"

The Carpenters, “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft”

The favorite video of Anne “Celestia” Heche? The world’s going to hell—but maybe if we all wish really hard at the same time for an alien invasion, it’ll be ok! That’s the message of this […]

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FOF #530 - Simon Says Touch Your Toes - 05.09.07

FOF #530 – Simon Says Touch Your Toes

Ronnie just found out all about Bikram Yoga and she’s feeling fabulous! She’s sweating up a storm and releasing all her toxins, poisons and evil spirits from her body. Well, almost all of them. So […]

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