FOF #271 – Is This Good For Plants?

Mar 21, 2006 · 54788 views

We met actor/singer Anthony Wills Jr. at a local karaoke bar singing “Sweet Transvestite” at the top of his lungs, drunk off his ass. Victoria was with me when I saw him and both of us turned to each other and said “this drunk bytch is hot.”

Anthony’s someone who you will NEVER see on American Idol or anywhere else, but he is one of the few people I personally know who makes a living working professionally as a actor. Today Anthony shares his tips for young actors on how to survive in theater. If you live in Chicago go check him out tonight at the American Theater Company.

Also on todays show we talk about a recent masturbation study which discovered that a quite a few men like to relieve themselves into the household plants, the actions of the desperate, a lesbian fantasy sex-study, and the problems with cryogenics (paying the electric bill when everyone’s long gone.)

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  1. fan of anthony says:

    Who you will never see on American Idol or anywhere else… Really?

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