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FOF #2212 - Terry Sweeney's Irritable Bowels - 09.02.15

FOF #2212 – Terry Sweeney’s Irritable Bowels

Men in drag has always been a staple of TV comedy, but audiences felt safe knowing that the man in the dress was really straight, that is until Terry Sweeney came along to play Nancy Reagan on SNL.

Today Terry Sweeney joins us to talk about his new memoir: Irritable Bowels and the People Who Give You Them.

FOF #2233 - The Greatest, Most Ridiculous Story Ever Told - 10.15.15

FOF #2233 – The Greatest, Most Ridiculous Story Ever Told

When you take a closer look at it, most religious books are full of ridiculous inconsistencies that require a whole lot more than just a leap of faith.

Today, writer Chris Matheson, best known as the Co-Creator of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure joins us to discuss his new book “The Story of God, a Biblical Comedy about Love & Hate.”

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