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Release Of ”Going Down in LA-LA Land”

@Casper Andreas is getting ready to release his latest movie (see link below) through KickStarter.  This is a great opportunity to support a talented out, gay film maker get his latest movie distributed.  And you […]

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HIV Vaccine Trial Approved by FDA

Saw a headline flash tonight out of Canada that the US FDA has approved trail of a new HIV vaccine.  This one apparently uses a dead virus and appears to stimulate a strong immune response. […]

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Video: Jonah Mowry – Price of Bullying

By now I suspect that most people have seen the Jonah Mowry video but I didn’t see any comments on FoF so thought I would post a link here. This story breaks my heart.  Fortunately […]

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Site Seems to be Slow

Is anyone else seeing the site run slow or is it just my ISP?

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Is Plus Available

I clicked on the Plus+ link but when I get to the page it says “Coming soon” under each of the subscription levels.  Is it my browser or is the service not available for order […]

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Facebook Homophobia

Please checkout the link which is a post from writer / producer Del Shores.  Facebook denied an Ad he submitted to Facebook.  The Ad contained a picture of him kissing his husband.  The reason for […]

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Figure Skater Johnny Weir Comes Out as Gay

Ok so this is probably the non-story of the day but Yahoo is reporting that Johnny Weir finally comes out as Gay in his new book.  Guess he wanted to get paid to leave the […]

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All About Evil — a Must-See Experience

Joshua Grannell has created a unique experience in his first feature-length movie:  All About Evil.  This is a Must-See experience for those that love the art of film.  Joshua Grannell has created a true movie classic […]

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The Politics of Love – a New Project by Tom Goss

The Politics of Love is a new project by Tom Goss – artist, activist and a pure soul. I urge all of you to follow the link to The Politics of Love and learn more about […]

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You Don’t Question Love – Latest Video From Tom Goss

Tom Goss, an amazingly talented musician and my good friend, just posted a beautiful new music video. Please check it out and share the link with everyone you know.  Help spread the word on the […]

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On FOF #1506 – Randy Phillips Comes Out to the World

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