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Love the shows with Cameron she is really funny. » More

On FOF #982 – Killer Lesbot Terminators From The Future

As Mexican I am really u glad that finally you are educating people about the meannnign of 5 de Mayo but just a correction this is... » More

On FOF #981 – Siete De Mayo

I have never hear about Glenn but really enjoy all his stories and inside of the entretaiment world. Now im gogin to follow his show. » More

On FOF #980 – 100 Things Glenn Douglas Packard Has Done

I didn´t here the show the first time but is really interesting to hear about open relationships and how you can handle this. Love the show » More

On FOFA #780 – Ménage à How Many?

Bill is really funny the first gay mexican comedian I hear really funny hoe jis more often on the show. » More

On FOF #967 – Cruz Control