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Here’s how to humanely kill a fish according to my mother-in-law’s pond guy. Put the fish in a ziploc filled with water and put it in... » More

On FOF #1043 – Goodbye Mr. Clucky

WOW! Fausto got a lot of action down by the Bean. Some hot kissing going on. » More

On The Great Nationwide Kiss-In

Growing up in rural south Georgia, I was never harassed at school. No one called me names…to my face until at 22 I moved to Atlanta... » More

On FOF #1036 – Rise of Anna Conda

WOW! You guys keep getting better and better. What an amazing score to get legendary Debbie Reynolds on your show. I saw her in concert in... » More

On FOF #1033 – Shine on Debbie Reynolds

Spot on perfect. Great job and with the always wonderful (blonde?!?!) Amanda. I miss her. Plus the always terrific V-Marr. Marc you better keep that grease... » More

On Comfort Wipe Parody – P.P. Perfect