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What a great show. You would think that the gay community could rally together to purchase and preserve Harvey’s camera shop – it seems like too important... » More

On FOF #892 – The Real Life Cleve Jones

Listening to Levi gives me goose bumps…. Looking forward to his next Album…. » More

On FOF #855 – Levi Kreis Live!

It was great to hear from the Purple Goddess of FOF again. I think money of the future will be stored in implants embedded in our body... » More

On FOF #729 – The Golden Standard

I could really get into a Plushy/Furry night at Steamworks. Jim Carry dressed up as an elephant on American Idol last night to promote \”Horton... » More

On FOF #722 – Drag Wars

Great interview! Calpernia seems like such a fun person…. I can\’t wait to see who she ends up with on TLS! » More

On FOF #717 – A Stunning Woman