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It happens. I have two sets of friends who have owned houses together. Cheaper than renting and you build equity as the house’s value appreciates. » More

On FOF #1432 – You Make Me Feel Like Dancin’

A great guest means a great show. » More

On FOF #1417 – Amy Armstrong Sails the Seven Seas

Great guest! I’d never heard of her before and feared she had something to do with dance music. I was wrong. What a witty, humorous and... » More

On FOF #1409 – We Love Mo’Nique

More than a dumb idea, I think it could be argued as borderline abusive. Gay or straight, boys are different than girls. Denying this will create... » More

On Genderless Preschool in Sweden

Great prank. Creative. No person was hurt or at risk. No one was insulted. No property was damaged. Required some planning and effort. » More

On VIDEO: Apple Store in Germany Gets Pranked