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I’ll comment here cause the people commenting at ft are dicks… I loved this interview and was glad to see that one icon of mine... » More

On Stephen Fry Interviews Lady Gaga!

Hot Broadway guys stripping, Reichen is a camwhore, Sarah loves a unicorn and now this… … why I love FoF =D » More

On VIDEO: WBC Dispels Your Bible Arguments

The actress playing Cookie Kwan phoned it in. Cookie has way more bite than that… » More

On VIDEO: Real Life Simpsons Fantasy

Balls to me? » More

On VIDEO: Liza Minnelli ”Balls to You!”

I love that when talking about torture, Fausto quoted Glee… “And that’s how Sue C’s it” 🙂 » More

On FOF #1088 – Just in Time for the Holidays