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I can’t find the link right now, it was in the comments on the Pink News piece about Violet Chachki (the article was in French but... » More

On FOF #2534 – Everything Old is Will & Grace Again

I really enjoyed hearing what she had to say and I didn’t think she was negative in the least. For folks that are complaining about... » More

On FOF #1981 – War of the Words

I absolutely loved listening to her – its like some wild crazy stream of conciousness – I was like “she is either totally nuts, or the... » More

On FOF #1604 – Susan Powter Fights to Stop the Insanity

“The Palazzio is *so* much more than an apartment complex, it’s the best thing ever..” Seriously? What a friggin joke this dude is! » More

On FOF #1306 – Hollywood’s Underbelly

Hey Guys – you got mentioned in this week’s Metro Weekly here in DC, just FYI.. must’ve been all that talkin’ about the Smithsonian kerfuffle…... » More

On FOF #1305 – Instant Christmas