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Ok well didn’t need to see that, she was more stiff than the last guy I was with…….lord darlin, you got 8 kids loosen up somewhat!!!!!!!! » More

On Kate Gosselin Paparazzi Car Wreck

Ok this one made me laugh and almost fall out of the chair, I was banging my desk, coworkers worried I would pass out laughing so... » More

On FOF #1168 – Women of the Bible

Dude alright!!!!!!!!! » More

On German Firm Wins Right to Make Beer Called ’Fucking Hell’

I love it!!!!! Joan Rivers had made comments about her that I heard, also love the “what comes after the podcast” keep it up you 2,... » More

On FOF #1128 – The Bride of Wildenstein’s Predictions for 2010

Great Video, but we do live in a precarious world today, so we are not quite there with the modern times!!!! » More

On Renault Twingo Advert