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Hey I’ve listened to this one just the other day. Anyway my best easter wishes goes to you all SAL-E, Marc, Amanda, Tracy (and her friend keni)... » More

On FOFA #269 – Levi Kreis Bares His Soul

Looks very tasty :-p » More

On Easter Basket Cocktail

Hmm Mrs Smith apples, no one liked Mrs Smith apples… Until… Mrs Smith Ordered her daughter to have baby\’s, Go shag daughter… and now there Granny... » More

On FOF #726 – Locker Room Humor

Fantastic video, Poor amy tho, she was smoking in restricted food place and waitress asked her to put it out, she put it out on her... » More

On La Pequeña Amy Winehouse

The trains broke down, so i coundn’t go for my colonoscopy, was very angry and annoyed Until i downloaded this show. Thx sal-e, you got me thu... » More

On FOF #715 – Double Cut Porkchop