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I promise not to come all the way to Chicago from Oregon to comment about the podcast while you are naked in the gym showers. » More

On FOF #2260 – Two Snaps Up for The Wiz Live!

Hooray! He’s Alive! Brian’s Weenie is great! Best wishes on getting out of the dumps. » More

On FOF #2083 – Ting a Ling a Ling

For years I thought Gay Pimpin and Feast of Fun were feuding. It seemed odd that you guys hardly ever mentioned Jonny or the existence... » More

On FOF #2080 – A Kiki with Jonny McGovern

Another new queen with some scrumptious drinks to try, and only 4 years of drag? Wow! What a look! Oh, and somehow I did end up in... » More

On FOF #2072 – Jeza Belle’s Cocktails for Drunk Drag Queens

Well, if no one else will comment about Trixie, I will. What a fun interview with a delightful person. Trixie’s voice was butterscotch for my brain... » More

On FOF #2071 – Trixie Mattel’s Poker Face