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Wow, I know I am late posting this but great show… As a Gaudiya Vaisnava (Hare Krishna) I realy liked the smattering of the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra... » More

On FOF #984 – The Dark Amber Sound of Gregory Douglass

I like your attempt at Rusina. The bI needed some work, but you did good. This show made me miss my Russian cousins » More

On FOF #777 – Dinner, Then the Sex

so… imma sound liek anoying internet guy but…. In Santeria, when the animal is sacrificed (which is done rarely), the blood is left for the Orishas (gods)... » More

On FOF #769 – Madonna, Ben and Us

I love episodes like this where where you did deep into gay culture. Its a nice change. San Diego’s Center is pretty groovy too. » More

On FOFA #714 – I Love My Divas, But I Don’t Have Any Friends

The worst viral video is…. And teh more I listen and teh more I see, The harder it is for me to believe that Amanda... » More

On FOF #767 – Viral Animals