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If you guys aren’t Eskimo’d out, I thought I’d my two cents. Yes, Virginia, there are Eskimos in Alaska. There are two major groups of Alaska... » More

On FOF #861 – Vote Baby Vote

Kevin was a delight! I hope you do have him on for another show. Glad you guys are having such a great trip! And relieved to... » More

On FOF #824 – Finding Gold in San Francisco

Happy 29th/35th/36th birthdays, Sal-E! You don’t look a day older, I swear! I always love it when you’re on the show… » More

On FOF #809 – Happy Birthday Mr. E

The wine tasting with Alpana sounds like a blast! It’s on an auspicious day, too — the day I arrived on the planet. (I am Leo,... » More

On FOF #808 – Zodiac Wine Tasting

Unfortunately, I must send my regrets; we have plans tonight that we can’t get out of. Amanda, I know you’ll look ultra-glam-fabulous! Knock ’em dead, girl! » More

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