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I can’t wait to visit Chicago and say hello! Thank you guys for the shout out that was soo nice. I love your show and... » More

On FOF #1258 – Haunted Halsted

Fausto & Marc, I think the interview went as well as it could because of the time constraints. His hasty exit from the interview was not,... » More

On FOF #1256 – Pete Burns It Up

Wow, I loved the show today! Devon and Joel were so much fun to listen to. I’m glad you guys are having such a great... » More

On FOF #1078 – Deven Green’s Basket of Muffins

I am sooo sad that the ST Experience closed. 🙁 I never got to go and it makes me want to cry… :*o( I’m... » More

On FOF #812 – Give Till it Hurts

I know, it seems so difficult to figure out why men and women with superpowers would be running around scantily clad in tight spandex outfits with... » More

On FOF #755 – Sci Fi Movies Every Gay Man Must See