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Hey im just halfway through the podcast , great so far but before I forget I do believe Steve the bassist was referring to the i... » More

On FOF #876 – Live with Charles S. McVey

great show except now il have the badger song stuck in my head for days. Thanks a lot : ( » More

On FOF #767 – Viral Animals

Great show! Tracy you are hillarious : ) You shoud be on FOF more often. » More

On FOF #750 – Transgender Menace

Seriously a great interview, I hope you have Rev Straight back on the show. » More

On FOF #734 – Reverend Straight

Great show! Does transamerican love story run in Canada? if so what time and station? I was going to buy it on Itunes but it\’s... » More

On FOF #717 – A Stunning Woman