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I agree with you Rhea, Fausto you are so lucky to have Patricia as your mother, listening to her, you can tell she is a kind... » More

On FOFA #201 – When Victoria Met Victoria

So everyone wants to see me sit on a pumpkin pie or jack o’ lantern for halloween? Hahaha…I don’t think I am mean enough to jack... » More

On FOF #621 – Tastes Good

Sal-E, you looked so FABOULOUS at the awards!!! » More

On FOF #620 – Doing It for the Children

This is the first time I really seen Sal-E without all the make up, he is a real cutie!!! 😉 I can’t wait to see you guys... » More

On SHOW #9 – Undisclosed Location

I hate stupid pricks who are so close minded and racist against people who are different from them. Fausto ustedes sigan con el espanol en el... » More

On FOF #616 – On the Stoop