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I have no words, except to just shake my head at the cardinal. » More

On LGBTs Respond to Cardinal George’s Criticism of Our Protest

It probably was a stroke. She looked pretty confused before they swtiched to the different feed. and it kinda looked like her left side was drooping.... » More

On VIDEO: ‎”Oh Stewardess! I Speak Jive.”

HAHAHA! oh god i fell out of my chair laughing in the middle of our library when i watched this! its like the funny version of... » More

On Peter Pan Fail

Haha! You all are ridiculously funny. Nice work! » More

On PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Aretha Franklin’s Walrus Coat

Fo sho! this was my screensaver on my envtouch. Whenever i poke him he vibrates. » More

On Some of My Favorite Kellan Lutz Shirtless Photos