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Great interview guys, as someone who had a run in with a ‘father feel me up’ as a kid, i can tell you in my eyes,... » More

On FOF #924 – The Escort, the Preacher and the Church

Tracy you better be taping that show for the rest of us Lol! Loved the show guys, keep up the great work! » More

On FOF #923 – Spring Awakening

Marc and Fausto, you guys dont need to be complimented, 3x best glbt podcast.. nuff said, we all love you! And Michael is pretty damn funny! » More

On FOF #916 – The Hat that Wouldn’t Die

Fantastic show guys what energy! What talent! This one was a delight from start to end 🙂 » More

On FOF #855 – Levi Kreis Live!

Hmm the pic did not work.. If it doesnt work this time, heres the link Sorry bout that, TG » More

On FOF #831 – Noisy Road Trip