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Oh my. 😮 Great show, and LOL awesome panty shots. “Stunning” is such a cool song. » More

On FOF #715 – Double Cut Porkchop

Aw, I missed the live video. That would have been TONS off fun to catch. Happy birthday Amanda! » More

On FOF #711 – Oscarcast 2008

Aw, I’m sorry Ronnie has moved on. 🙁 But if things are getting better for her, more power to her. Good luck to her where ever... » More

On FOF #702 – The 702 Club

I wanna see Tracy in a french maid outfit! LOL » More

On FOF #707 – Transadmiration

GODS, I LOVE Tracy and Amanda. 😀 Such fabulous ladies, lol. » More

On FOF #706 – Love Stories of Joy and Horror