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FOF #1086 – Mae West and Sex

Two the actors from a locval production of Mae West’s play, Sex Jes Bedwineck and her love interest in the play, Sex by Mae West, actor Sean Patrick Ward, In the news: Chicago Cubs lesbian connection, USS New York uilt for salaveged steel of the Twin Towers and gay rights up for a vote in Maine.

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Halloween on Halsted Street as the Wild Things

We had a blast on Halsted Street with Michael, Curtis and Neal. As you can see, we went as the characters from “Where the Wild Things Are.” Although we saw plenty of people dressed up […]

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FOF #1085 – Chicago’s Halloween Secret

Curtis Jensen joins us to talk about the Halloween Parade in Chicago. In the news: Levi Johnston disses the Palins, a man claims to be too fat to kill, California eyes legalizing pot and a phone call from a listener.

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FOF #1084 – Mark of the She-Wolf

Marc and Fausto perform a comedy skit about a man who is bitten by a she wolf and becomes a tranny werewolf. In the news: Hate crime bill signed, “Masculine Health Day” in China, and an iPhone ap that drives a car.

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FOF #1083 – Hocus Poke Us

Shivian Balaris of talks about the roots of Halloween, the origins of jack-o-lanterns, why witches ride broomsticks and the reason cats are so closely associated with the occult. Shivian also casts a spell on the listening audience to bring them great fortune.

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