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FOFA #1956 – Cockocracy

The author of the study about how cock size influences group morale told us that our podcast was the best breakdown of the subject he had heard.

Today, Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at why having a big cock, but not too big, matters to other men.

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FOF #2074A – Till Death Do Us Part

Trump says our marriage is a done deal and Deven Green says its her favorite appearance on the podcast, so here it is- our wedding ceremony, officiated by Deven Green with special musical appearances by Tracy Tyler and Manny Capozzi.

Listen as we take you on a journey of our relationship, our ups and downs and we truly get legally married forever and ever.

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FOFA #1696 – Peaches Christ, You Smell Terrific!

Of all our senses, smell may well be the most emotionally powerful.

The sweet scented Peaches Christ joins us to talk about smell, and why so many drag queens are so stinky! What causes us to smell so bad, and how to freshen up your costumes, wigs, and your very own body to smell your very best. Originally posted on 11.14.12

FOF #2348A – Eat, Pray, Gay

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the death of our friend and guest of Feast of Fun, George Saint George. George died November 5, 2016 while in his newly adopted home of India. Our hearts go out to all of George’s friends and family.

Listen as we talked with George this past June about his adventures in India. Originally posted on 06.23.16

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FOFA #1493 – Krampus and the Strange but True History of Christmas

The War on Christmas has been fought through the ages and been won time and time again, not by the little baby Jesus, but by Santa Claus.

Today cultural anthropologist Gerald Cole joins us to discuss the unusual origins of Christmas, the battles over the which traditions to keep, the frightening Krampus and the many other demonic companions to Santa Claus.

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FOFA #1221 – Bruce Vilanch on the Star Wars Holiday Special

George Lucas commissioned The Star Wars Holiday Special with hopes of keeping the movie fresh in people’s minds while he filmed the Empire Strikes Back. It aired on November 17, 1978 to dismal reviews and is considered by many as one of the most awful and hilarious TV specials of all time.

Today we’re talking to comedy writer and gay legend Bruce Vilanch, who worked as a writer for The Star Wars Holiday Special, and also on many lavish, campy TV specials of the 1970s including The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, The Cher Show, and The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.

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FOFA #1216 – Cassandra Peterson on Elvira, All About Evil

Cassandra began her career as Las Vegas showgirl and later went on to being a horror movie hostess. As Elvira she is a Halloween icon and sex symbol for all things campy and spooky.

Listen to this classic podcast with the brilliant Cassandra Peterson about taking off her character for the directing drag queen Peaches Christ, the origins of her beloved character Elvira and her thoughts on the movie “Showgirls.”

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FOFA #2071 – Trixie Mattel’s Poker Face

Trixie Mattel may be famous now but we knew her way back when. Well, since October of 2014 when we first interviewed her.

Listen as we test Trixie’s poker face about wether she got on RuPaul’s Drag Race and her two month long illness she endured this past summer. Cough Cough.

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FOFA #2080 – A Kiki with Jonny McGovern

For almost ten years, Jonny McGovern has been a podcast star with his tour de force of faggotry “Gay Pimpin.“ We’ve shared many listeners over the years who have begged us to do a show together.

Well here it is!

Listen as worlds collide while we turn up the T and the shade all the way up to 11 as we kiki on all the queens and queer comedians we know and love.

FOF #2000 – 2000 A Podcast Odyssey

It’s the 2000th show of your favorite podcast, the show formerly known as Feast of Fools, now Feast of Fun!

Today we boil down the last decade into a super-concentrated podcast slurry, full of flavor and fun. No Bones.

Join us as we take a look at our favorite moments and all the behind the scenes dirt!

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