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FOFA #1646 – Whatever Happened to Those Celebrity Animals

Before cats ruled the internet, Hollywood had always been in love with all the animals.

Like their human counterparts, some of the animals in Hollywood have led pretty awesome lives, but other animal’s stories are filled with exploitation, imposters and depressing deaths.

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FOFA #1113 – Incredibly Strange Christmas Music, Vol. 2

Christmas is so bizarre- the loud colors, the strange rituals and the omnipotent bearded Santa all lend a special psychedelic flavor to the winter months.

Listen to our annual collection of lesser known Incredibly Strange Christmas Music. Buy the music and make a trashy Christmas mix CD!

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FOFA #904 – Incredibly Strange Christmas Music Vol. 1

Christmas music connects us to a sense of childhood wonder and also drives us insane.

On today’s special eggnog flavored Feast of Fools we’re taking you sleigh ride of crazy as we play for you some of the most insane, scary, offensive and over the top Christmas themed music.

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FOFA #1461 – Insane Costumes I’ve Seen People Wear

Today the fabulous Christian Greenia, the world’s best known Elvira impersonator, joins us to talk about Halloween costumes, what’s hot this year, what’s out and what are some common costume mistakes you should avoid.

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FOFA #1083 – Hocus Poke Us

Get ready to cast a spell, a sexy spell that is. Halloween is just days away, so we’ve invited Shivian Balaris — a real-life cute gay witch to help us get into the spirit of […]

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FOFA #1584 – A Double Date with Bruce Vilanch and Ronnie Kroell

We are thrilled to have two of our favorite guests in the home studio- Bruce Vilanch and Ronnie Kroell! Listen as Bruce talks about what happened between him and James Franco at the Oscars and Ronnie gives us the low down on his love life.

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FOFA #1624 – Hungry for Hate, Nom Nom Nom!

The very funny James Fritz, named by many local publications as Chicago’s funniest comedian joins us to talk about haters who love fried chicken and wether comedians are as slutty as dancers.

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FOFA #1600- Horror Magnate Peaches Christ

One of the scarier details about the gay Canadian cannibal killer Luka Rocco Magnotta is his obsession with his neighbor, horror film actor, Derek MacKinnon who starred as a killer in the 80’s movie Terror […]

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FOFA #1550 – This is the Voice I Want to Use

The way we talk has a lot to do with not just where we come from, but who we surround ourselves with. Are you a fraud then if you change the way you speakToday we’re joined by speech pathologist and video blogger Jennifer Tarle to take a closer look at the way we talk, and what we can do to speak more clearly to connect better with others.

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FOFA #1606 – Let Latrice Royale Sop You Up

Latrice Royale’s name may sound like an extra special ice-cream sundae but this queen is the full meal deal. Audiences are hungry for more of this fan favorite from RuPaul’s Drag Race.Even though she’s encountered […]