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FOF #1228 – Hello Carol Channing [Classic Episode]

Raspberries! Broadway icon Carol Channing died today, she was 97. One of our most popular episodes ever, Carol Channing spoke to us from her home in Palm Springs about the value of arts education in public schools, and her amazing life and career. Please enjoy this encore presentation.

FOFA #2278B – Experiencing Wendy Ho

In part two of our podcast “Experiencing Wendy Ho” we continue our conversation with the she-larious Wendy Ho about her outrageous music and career working as an unconventional drag queen.

What does Wendy Ho have to say about the future of RuPaul’s Drag Race? Did the gay men who got kicked out of the wig store here in Chicago have it coming?

FOF #1952 – The New Adventures of Courtney Act

Australian’s love drag queens and have contributed to many great moments in drag. Today we’re thrilled to have in the home studio Australia’s favorite drag queen Courtney Act.

Listen as we talk with Courtney about her wildly diverse sex life, her pragmatic approach to gender expression and which queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race really got on her nerves. Will Courtney Act be America’s Next Drag Superstar?

FOFA #1893 – Jinkx Monsoon is the Queen of Off Broadway

Things are going great for Jinkx Monsoon. First she won RuPaul’s Drag Race and the $100,000 grand prize. Then an off Broadway theater asked her to do a one woman show for just one night, but instead she got them to agree to restage The Vaudevillians, a cabaret show she developed years ago with her best pal Major Scales.

Today Jinkx and Major Scales join us for a live music podcast, playing songs from their hit show.

FOF #1606 – Let Latrice Royale Sop You Up

Latrice Royale talks to us about her long bumpy road to becoming a drag queen superstar, her sexy prison stories and all the behind the scenes dirt we didn’t get to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The shade of it all!

FOF #1228 – Hello Carol Channing

For over five decades, Carol Channing has delighted audiences with her bubbly personality and unique voice to become one of the most beloved entertainers of all time.

Today we’re delighted to talk to Carol Channing about arts education, why everyone loves to imitate her, especially drag queens, the Carol Channing Ventriloquist doll, and which President had her on his enemies list.

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FOF #949 – Feast of Fun

It’s time to bring on the Samba or lay some blame on the Bossa Nova. We’ve got a gay fun show for you today with live music by Chicago Jazz singer Solitaire Miles and Brazilian […]

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FOF #944 – McNuggets 911

Spring is just around the corner and in Chicago we’ve having unseasonably warm weather, so celebrate, because we’re usually still freezing our butts off this time of year! Our blogging friend Michael Lehet is soon […]

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FOF #937 – A Taste of Ongina

In the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the reality TV show created to produce the next drag superstar, one of the contestants, Ongina, tearfully revealed she was HIV positive. Today we’re talking to Ongina, […]

FOF #930 – Mexican Golden Girls

Las Mujeres Doradas means The Golden Girls in Spanish and we feel a little bit like a Mexican version of the campy 80s sitcom when hanging out with our good friend comedian Bill Cruz. On […]

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