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FOF #2296 – Deadpool Busts The Shit Out of the Box Office

With over $500 million in global sales, Marvel’s box office success with Deadpool has finally shown Hollywood that audiences are snark hungry for a modern pansexual superhero.

Our guest today is comic book writer, teacher, illustrator and publisher Justin Hall, best known for creating Glamazonia, a super powered gender fluid hero and co-creating Hard To Swallow, an anthology series of erotic queer comics.

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FOF #2253 – Karen Lewis’ Wild Ride

Back in 1997, the summer after I graduated from art school, my friend Karen Lewis and I were invited to East Berlin to perform in an arts festival. The theme was “America.” It was a delicious, wild hot mess which left our European audience mostly scratching their heads they loved it nonetheless.

Today, twenty-two years later we’re joined by Fausto’s old gal pal, Karen Lewis to talk about her wild art: from her patriotic song parodies to her dark and twisted take on the Three Little Pigs.

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FOF #2250 – Photographer to the Drag Queen Stars

Pretty much all of your favorite drag queens have been at one time or another photographed by San Francisco’s very own José Alberto Guzman Colón.

You’ve probably seen his work in Peaches Christ’s movie posters or plastered over many drag queens’ Facebook pages.

Today José Alberto Guzman Colón joins us to talk about the outpouring of support he received after getting all his camera equipment stolen and how to bring out the best in a drag queen’s photo shoot.

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FOF #2203 – The Incredibly Inspiring Amanda Lepore

Many of our favorite artists find nightclub personality Amanda Lepore to be a great source of inspiration. Despite her posh image, Amanda Lepore still remains a demure, enigmatic woman who reveals very little about her own mystique.

Today Amanda Lepore joins us to talk about her love for glamour and nudity.

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FOF #2168 – The Queen of Everything

Pleasant Gehman has had many jobs and lived many lives. From being a scenester in LA’s punk rock scene to interviewing Kurt Cobian shortly before his death, Pleasant earned her nickname the Queen of Everything.

Today she’s a belly dancing teacher and burlesque performer under the name Princess Farhana of Hollywood. Listen as we chat with Pleasant about her wild life- her friendship with famous musicians and being a dance teacher to comedian Margaret Cho.

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FOF #2141 – Miss Fame is Painted for the Gods

One of the most compelling make-up experts on the Internet is Miss Fame, whose video tutorials are showing a whole new generation how to paint for the gods.

Today we’re chatting with Miss Fame about the changing face of drag queen make-up, what the future holds for this stunning queen and of course all the drama on Drag Race.

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FOF #1907- The Man Behind Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

One of the the most talked about and parodied costumes any pop star has ever sported is the meat dress worn by Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Time Magazine named it the top fashion statement of the year.

Today we’re serving up butcher shop realness, talking to Franc Fernandez, the remarkable man behind the amazing and delicious meat dress.

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FOF #1856 – The Human Ken Doll

Over the past decade Justin Jedlica has had over 125 cosmetic procedures, modifying not just his face but almost every major muscle group in his body. Justin has had so much work done, it’s earned the nickname “The Human Ken Doll.”

Today Justin Jedlica joins us to talk about his incredible journey becoming the Human Ken Doll with all his plastic parts. Does he now come with batteries and is some assembly required?

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FOF #1607 -The Gay Housewives of New Jersey

Recently, housewife Caroline Manzo’s gay brother Jaime Laurita and his partner Rich Lane tied the knot in a fabulous same-sex wedding that aired on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, becoming one of the highest rated episodes ever.

Today Jamie and Rich, the gay couple that recently got married talk with us about their crazy, colorful lives and what it’s like working for Madonna.

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FOF #1594 – Tennessee Loveless’ Strange World of Color

Tennessee Loveless, a rising star in the modern pop art world talks about how he makes his paintings without being able to fully see his color choices since he was born colorblind.

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