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FOF #978 – The Pop Princess and the Peruvian Player

You may not know about her yet, but Emme is coming to America, and she is bold, fierce and fabulous! Today we’re talking to Mariella Vitale the Argentine pop star known as Emme, who co-stars […]

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FOF #977 – Miami, Martí, Movies & Me

Miami is a city full of good looking people, great weather and fabulous beaches. The annual Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is under full swing, bringing some of the hottest queer films, documentaries and […]

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FOF #909 – King of the Cul De Sac

Before Darren Stein went on to direct such fabulous films as Jawbreaker and Sparkler, he made short videos with his friends in their suburban cul de sac. His sophisticated short movies touched on adult subjects […]

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FOF #892 – The Real Life Cleve Jones

How far have we come in the fight for gay, lesbian, bisexual ans transgendered rights since the 1970s? Gus Van Sant’s new biographic film MILK brings forth a chilling timeliness with parallels to the anti-gay measures […]

FOF #825 – Is This DEEE-END of Trannyshack?

I love having celebrities in my hotel room. On today’s show we’ve got three delicious stars in our penthouse suite at the Hotel Mark Twain in San Francisco- Peaches Christ, Heklina, and Lady Miss Kier! […]

FOFA #648 – Starrbootylicious

Get your booty in high gear people! The most famous drag queen in the world, RuPaul joins us for real on today’s show. Well known for her 1993 chart topping release Supermodel, RuPaul Charles is […]

FOF #708 – The True Flavor of Love

It’s amazing what our lovely tranny friend Tracy can do with her voice! On today’s show Tracy Tyler surprises us all by demonstrating how she can go effortlessly from femme to butch. Listen in as […]

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FOF #685 – Peaches Christ Will Save You

WWPCW? What Would Peaches Christ Watch? A campy horror film with lots of gratuitous sex, violence and wild women on the verge of insanity, of course! Brainchild of filmmaker Joshua Grannell, Peaches Christ is well […]

FOF #590 – The Hate Bug

One spring morning in Albany NY, art education grad student Erin Davies woke up to find her Volkswagen Beetle vandalized with the words “fAg” and “UR gAy” in red spray paint. Instead of removing the […]