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FOF #614 – Rolling Out the Cookie Dough

For over a decade Cookie Dough has been camping it up with the best of them on many stages in San Francisco including Trannyshack and at the live stage production of the Golden Girls as […]

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FOF #613 – Drag Divas

The move towards the larger society’s embrace of gay culture not always a clear line. The internet has done a great deal to allow GLBT people to carve out a voice for themselves in the […]

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FOF #601 – Buck Like an Angel

If you make a living from having female genitalia, but look like a guy everywhere else, should you be referred to as a man or a woman? Dude, it’s what ever you want to be […]

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FOF #599 – Gays in the Muslim World

It’s easy to take your daily life for granted. Despite not having universal health care, equal rights or the ability to get married, we still have it pretty good in the United States. But, there […]

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FOF #598 – The Island of Chris Garneau

We are all in love with Chris Garneau. The Brooklyn based songwriter and musician best known for his singles “We Don’t Try” and “Relief” from his debut album Music for Tourists joins us today to […]

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FOFA #430 – Freestyle Reality

Everybody loves a good gay villain. Openly gay swimmer and video producer Tyler Duckworth got the nation’s disapproval and sympathy for his pushy, aggressive behavior on MTV’s REal World: Key West last spring. Audiences loved […]

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FOF #591 – Splish Splash

Curtis Jensen was an early bloomer. Coming out at the age of 14, he was caught on the phone by his mother trying to pick up a guy twice his age. At the age of […]

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FOF #590 – The Hate Bug

One spring morning in Albany NY, art education grad student Erin Davies woke up to find her Volkswagen Beetle vandalized with the words “fAg” and “UR gAy” in red spray paint. Instead of removing the […]

FOF #587 – Raw Sugar

What are rectal microbicides? Scientists, activists and organizations are looking for creative new ways to increase the safety of our sexual activities, by putting microbicide into the lube everyone uses. We’re joined by our pal […]

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FOF #585 – My Name is Tay Zonday

Tay Zonday: Sheltered on a Monday Wrote on Tuesday, Recorded on Wednesday, Posted on Thursday, Famous on Friday, Got even more famous on Saturday, Interviewed on Sunday. This is the show with Tay Zonday Yes […]

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