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FOF #762 – But I’m a Cheerleader

Give me and F! Give me an O! Give me another F! What does that spell? A-W-E-S-O-M-E P-O-D-C-A-S-T. I know it’s a bit much, but bear with me. On today’s show we’re cheering our little […]

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FOF #761 – Bucking the System

Michael Buckley will do almost anything to entertain you; cartwheels, hand stands and even a little skin show. Flipping snarky catchphrases with insightful quips on celebrity news and popular culture, Connecticut based Michael Buckley’s video […]

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FOF #756 – Chris Crocker Tells on You

Chris Crocker turned to the internet to escape the torment of being chased by gangs of boys at the mall. The internet helped him connect with the greater world around him when he couldn’t create […]

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FOF #754 – Work the Runway Steven

Steven Rosengard was the first Chicago based designer to be on Project Runway, the fabulous reality television show where contestants compete against each other to create the best clothes. Their designs are judged and one […]

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FOF #751 – Return of the Diva

She was left for dead when her next door neighbor stabbed her in the neck, suddenly and without warning. Luckily she had the presence of mind to call 911. That phone call saved her life. […]

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FOF #749 – Do Crazy Women Wear Tiaras?

Only crazy people, beauty pageant winners, drag queens and royalty wear tiaras- when it comes to the folks of the Windy City Empire, you can check “all the above.” It’s always such a nutty delight […]

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FOF #748 – Teriyaki Sauced

Sit tight! We’ve got a drag-queen filled, delicious roller coaster ride of podcasting for you today. Sal-E’s best gal-pal Teri Yaki joins us to talk about why so many people love to claim a drag […]

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FOF #747 – Ukulele Dreamer

Ben is banging away on the ukulele on today’s show and I couldn’t be happier! Who doesn’t love the Hawaii’s contribution to the world of music when it’s accompanied by funny lyrics? On today’s show […]

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FOF #746 – B. Scott is Hot

Video blogger B. Scott is all about the love. So much in fact that he puts the word love even before his name on his YouTube channel and blog LoveBScott. As one of the most […]

FOF #743 – Shine on Jeffree Star

Think Pink! Queen of the Internet, fashion model and indie musician Jeffree Star joins us today for an interview about his new single “Heart Surgery Isn’t That Bad” and his tour across the U.S. Since […]

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