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FOF #531 – Hey Rockstar

You asked for him, you got it! Jim Verraros is back and as fabulous as usual. He’s working on a new album, has two new movie roles in the works and his hilarious gay teen […]

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FOF #529 – Protesting Peter Pace

Yes, Peter Pace is his real name, and no, he’s not a porn star. General Peter Pace is President Bush Jr’s top advisor to the American invasion of Iraq. You know how popular that is, […]

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FOF #527 – High School is Such a Drag

Youth gay culture is exploding online and in high schools everywhere. Just take a look at our community forums here at Feast of Fools. Youth gay culture, GLBT teens, or whatever words you want to […]

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FOF #526 – Heads or Tales: Jo-Jo Finds a Skull

Our beloved Jo-Jo Baby, who works as a doll maker, club kid, artist, stylist and drag queen went onto eBay to look for mannequins. He found a guy who lives in his neighborhood who was […]

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FOF #525 – Becoming a Lesbian Dad

The podcast that calls and calls until it gets it right-Feast of Fools! Getting a hold of celebrities is difficult, especially when you call the wrong number. It’s very nice when the person on the […]

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FOF #510 – Attack of the Gay Book Club

Some books are banned from our nations schools and libraries just because they are stories about gay people, period. What many gay teens resort to is smuggling the books into their schools and starting a […]

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FOF #508 – Lizz with Two Z’s

You may not immediately recognize Lizz’s name, but you probably enjoy the fruits of her labor. Comedian and television producer Lizz Winstead created the news parody program “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central as a […]

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FOF #507 – Out Magazine

Get on your knees! New York City based OUT Magazine has just released it’s “Power 50” a list of what they claim to be the “Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America.” We respectuflly […]

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FOF #505 – Gay Guide to Chicago

Why do we need to a show on a Gay Guide to Chicago? We often get the question from our listeners who plan to come to the Windy City for some good gay fun; “Dear […]

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FOF #502 – Suddenly Sabrina

Lesbian comedian Sabrina Matthews claims not to know a thing about lesbian culture. She knows very little about flannel, doesn’t have a girlfriend and doesn’t know why lesbians get bad haircuts. One thing she does […]

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