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FOF #1785 – Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

When The Rocky Horror Picture Show came out in theaters in 1975, it was a flop. Audiences didn’t quite know what to make of the film adaptation of The Rocky Horror Show, a kooky musical that featured Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad transexual scientist from outer space who builds himself a sexy Frankenstein monster named Rocky.

Today Peaches Christ joins us on a behind the scenes tour of one of the greatest films ever made, the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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FOF #1757 – Does this Wicked Witch Costume Make Me Look Fat?

Everyone loves the Wizard of Oz. More people have seen the 1939 musical than any other film ever. Now 74 years after Dorothy clicked her ruby slippers, Disney is revisiting the story, billing Oz, the Great and Powerful as a prequel.

Today we journey to Oz and take a look at why it’s so hard to make a good movie version of the L Frank Baum stories and our review on the new Oz- the Great and disappointing film.

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FOF #1731 – Movies Every Drag Queen Must See

Everyone is acting a little bit like drag queens these days. With Michelle Obama’s eye roll, female pop divas sick-o-ning costumes and the hit of RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag queens have gone mainstream. Shade has replaced the word diss, hunties!

Today we’re joined by film maker, drag queen extraordinaire “ Peaches Christ to talk about movies every drag queen must see- films that inspire and capture the very essence of being a fierce drag queen.

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VIDEO: Anne Hathaway and Samuel L Jackson Have a Sad Off

The Sad Off with Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway from Samuel L Jackson Whose movie Christmas movie is more miserable? You decide.

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VIDEO: NSFW – The First Nudie Musical / Trailer

Never seen the film… just heard about it. I hope there is a digital copy around. I don’t have VHS any more.

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”The Hobbit”: The View From ’the Middle of Middle-Earth’

Hobbit fever! No, it’s not just a hankering for short hairy guys with big feet. The long-awaited adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” has hit theatres—-“At last!”, you might say, especially if you live in […]

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FOF #1671 – The Worst Halloween Movies Ever

The ghoulish gal from San Francisco, Peaches Christ, joins us to look at the worst Halloween themed films ever made, Paul Lynde’s Halloween TV special and classic films that feature Halloween as a theme.

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Movie Theater Ninjas

The Prince Charles Cinema in London has created a volunteer program of “etiquette ninjas” that dress in black full body suits, hide out in the dark, and silence distruptive movie goers. In exchange, they get […]

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Wookie Head Tops Elvira Wig

As you may recall, Feast of Fun actioned off 1 of Elvira’s Wigs as a fund raiser for the show. I wish they could have had a chewier headpiece. The original Chewbacca mask used in […]

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Kickstarter: Better Half – The Story of Tony & Leo

Michelle Clay is working on a new film– Better Half, about a gay couple facing a problem in their relationship: “For years, Tony and Leo have been in a happy relationship. They’ve always talked about […]

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