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Sherry Vine’s Hilarious Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” Parody Video

If you haven’t already seen this, check out New York drag queen Sherry Vine’s hilarious parody video of Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance.” It’s going to be huge. The video directed by Blake Martin has […]

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Tranny Gaga Monster Terrorizes Philadelphia

This drunk Lady Gaga look alike seems to be haveing a tragic blast as she does “Bad Romance” on the streets of Philadelphia. [Via]

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Miss Fat Gay Venezuela

I have to hand it to these Venezuelan drag queens that they just come out and use the word “fat” instead of euphemisms like “plus.” The link has a great video and article about being […]

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Fourteen Year Old Wants Sex Change

A fourteen year old kid born as a boy wants a sex change but the UK Healthcare System won’t let the process begin until she is 18. In the US you can start the process […]

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Chaz Bono Says Your Gender is All In Your Head

Chaz Bono comes forward on Good Morning America and talks about his transition into becoming a dude. Work it Chaz! It’s interesting to see how a major news program handles his circumstances. Chaz in the […]

Oh No She Didn’t! Brazilian Drag Queen Gets Her Wig Snatched Off on Camera

Here’s some news footage of Miss Gay Brazil 2009 being interviewed after the pageant. Right in the middle of the interview some angry contestant ran right up to her and snatched her wig and crown […]

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Adorable Flash Mob with Drag Queen and Children

This flash mob as an ad for the The Forum in Australia features a drag queen led by about 100 dancers doing an impromptu dance medley at the beach. One highlight of the video is […]

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Buy a T-Shirt, Get a Drag Queen

In honor of being nominated for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards, we’re throwing a special deal just for today! Get the new “Ray of Light” Feast of Fun t-shirts and receive for free a personalized, […]

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