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FOF #983 – Jack of All Trades

On the fourth season of the reality tv show Project Runway- mens designer Jack Mackenroth abruptly withdrew from the show due to a serious staph infection completely unrelated to his HIV status. A real life […]

FOF #964 – A Brief History of Leather

Every year over Memorial Day weekend Chicago is host to the hugely popular International Mr. Leather Conference, a gathering for leather man and other assorted kinky types. We’ve seen everyone from Marlon Brando to Madonna […]

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Interview with Ronnie Kroell, Part 1 [VIDEO SIMULCAST]

Video simulcast with, we interview model, singer and actor Ronnie Kroell, who made news as the second runner up in Bravo’s reality TV show “Make Me a Supermodel.” His intense friendship with fellow contestant, […]

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FOF #960 – In the Pink with Davey Wavey

Web Designer David Jakes turned to video blogging to document and reflect on his life experiences. A year later as Davey Wavey, his video blog became one of the more popular channels on YouTube, in […]

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SHOW #19 – Cake Sitting Cowboy

Although Pedro from California was our very first fan “cake sitting” video we ever received, Jeremy from Texas was our first ever cowboy to sit on a cake. Since then we have had the pleasure […]

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